Issue Seoul Guesthouse near YG Entertainment Building!

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Issue Seoul Guesthouse

It was really a pleasant stay at Issue Seoul Guesthouse, I was amazed by the cleanliness of this guesthouse!! I must confess, this is by far the cleanest guesthouse I ever stayed in Seoul in my 5 times visit experience!

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Upon entering the guesthouse, I was great by a friendly lady which later I found out to be the ladyboss? >.<

Issue Seoul Guesthouse has a few room types available:
Single room  (1person) : 1
Double room (2people) : 3
Triple room (3people) : 2
Quadruple room (4~5 people) : 2
Family room (6 people) :1
All rooms are private and they doesn’t rent out dormitory bunk bed, so it’s really suitable for traveler whom prefer quiet private moment in the room.
issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

This is the price list for all the rooms but you will be entitled for 15% discount if you book the room 2 months in advance or you can email them to check out their latest promotion!

Double Room

The room we stayed is the double room, I was surprise by the spacious room too! I remembered for once when we stayed in a guesthouse which we have to take turn to open our luggage due to limited space. T.T

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

On second floor, there is also a chillax space with sofa and TV which you can relax and chill all day~~

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Location (How to get to Issue Seoul Guesthouse?)

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Coming out from Hapjeong Station Exit #2, you just have to walk all the way straight for about 200meter and take a right turn and you will spot Issue Seoul Guesthouse.

The most important point is, EXIT #2 has an elevator or Lift access so don’t worry about carrying your bulky luggage!

No one understand how important it is to have an escalator to the ground from subway station until you’re in Seoul!! The staircases is already a nightmare without carrying luggage!

Authentic Korean Mum Breakfast!

Ladyboss prepare all of this by herself every morning, so yes, you don’t have to make your own breakfast like other guesthouse! You wake up, take a shower, dress up and walk to the dining hall, pick up the breakfast and eat! That’s it~~~

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Issue Seoul Guesthouse breakfast serves from 9am to 10am, and they served DIFFERENT breakfast daily in a week.

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

I enjoyed my breakfast so much at the dining hall on the first floor.

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Kimbap Making Class, 삼겹살 BBQ Party, ChiMac Party (Chicken + Beer)

They even have kimbap making class which you can’t experience anywhere else! Make your own kimbap! This is really money can’t buy experience as I’ve seen it in so many K-Drama and TV Shows! All of these doesn’t have fixed schedule but rather depends on ladyboss, BBQ Party has to depends on weather condition as it’s outdoor activity and chicken + beer party I guess you can get ladyboss to make a call for the delivery as well!😀

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

And Now, for YG Stan or BIGBANG’s FAN!

The guesthouse is located at the same station as YG Building! The guesthouse is Exit #2 and YG Entertainment is at Exit #8! So the trick here is, if you find anyone update on their SNS that they’re in the studio, you can walk to the building in just 15-20minutes!

For reservation and info or discount:

Please email them at or check out their FACEBOOK or ISSUE SEOUL GUESTHOUSE website.

One wander day in Everland Seoul

Everland Seoul Theme Park

It was a sunny day during our visit to Everland Amusement Theme Park, the largest theme park in South Korea. It’s about an hour bus ride from Seoul, you can check out the Ticket + Shuttle Bus Package I got from Funtastic Korea.

I always wanted to visit this theme park for my past 4 trips to South Korea and also when they first announced the YG HOLOGRAM concert but it has never happened, so this time I was determined to visit the amusement theme park that Runningman did their filming before.

Everland Shuttle Bus Hongik University Station Exit 4

We took the shuttle bus from Hongik University Station Exit #4 at 0805am, you wouldn’t missed the bus because the word ‘Everland Resort’ is very visible from around the bus.

We reached the destination at about 9am, grabbed some foods from the 7-11 at the shuttle bus station then hop on another bus to Everland Theme Park which will takes another 15 minutes.

The shuttle bus depart at 6.30pm from Everland to Seoul and remember to take the other shuttle bus from the theme park as early as possible before 6pm as it takes about 15 minutes to the bus station.

To make it clear, you will be taking TWO (2) shuttle bus in TOTAL:

One Shuttle Bus (You paid for it) is from Seoul to Everland Bus Terminal and vice versa.

One Shuttle Bus (FREE) is from Everland Bus Terminal to Everland Theme Park and vice versa.

Everland Seoul Theme Park

After reaching the entrance of Everland Theme Park, we join the queue to get into the theme park as the Theme Park opens at 10.30a.m. Get the English version map from the gate attendants so that you have an understanding of the theme park before entering.

Everland Amusement Theme Park Overall Map

Everland Seoul South korea Theme Park Amusement Park

There are total 5 segmentation which you can see from the Map.

Global Fair

Global Fair is where you can see after entering the theme park main gate, this is the place where you can find shops and 3 attractions for VR adventure, Live Hologram Theater & Pororo 3D adventure.

Everland Seoul Theme Park

American Adventure

Moving on to American Adventure is where you can find some exciting rides such as Double Rock Spin, Let’s Twist, Hurricane, Championship Rodeo, Columbus Adventure etc.

Columbus adventure everland theme park

Magic Land

As you approach deeper, you’ll find more thrilling rides! At Magic Land, one of the most popular ride is the Thunder Falls which will get you wet! But it’s really such a fun ride! There are 10++ rides which is suitable for kids as well, such as a fun haunted house named ‘Spooky House’, it’s not really a haunted house but rather a fun house to play with Spooky the cute ghost.

Everland Thunder Falls Amusement Theme Park Seoul

European Adventure

European Adventure is where the popular T-Express which is the roller coster at! Everyone came here for the roller coaster but it’s a challenging ride!

The most THRILLING & EXCITING roller coaster I ever took in my life!

Everland T Express Roller Coaster

The queue for this ride is the killing part! It may take up to 1-2 hours just for 1 ride! So go for the Q-Pass which will cut you to the front! You can get it at FUNKO – Everland Q-Pass.

Everland Seoul Theme Park Q Pass T Express

There are 4 different Q Pass available for all 4 popular rides in Everland.

Q-Pass for Amazon Express (Limited to 20 passes per day): ₩20,000
Q-Pass for T Express (Limited to 20 passes per day): ₩20,000
Q-Pass for Safari World (Limited to 20 passes per day): ₩20,000
Q-Pass for Lost Valley (Limited to 20 passes per day): ₩20,000


I really enjoy my time at Zootopia! Though I thought I won’t be interested but the experience is so much different from all the safari that I’ve been to! You can watch the performances by Black Bear on the spot as in the video below:

Special Event – Everland Summer Splash 2016

It seems like Korean really loves the summer splash activity which we don’t really enjoy it much, but it’s really crazy!

Everland Seoul Theme Park

Everyone getting ready with their water gun and rain coats when the Summer Splash Festive is about to start! You can watch the video below to see how crazy is the summer splash!

Overall, it such a fun day at Everland and I was lucky to went on a day which doesn’t have much crowd and everything took just almost 15-20 minutes for 1 ride! I managed to take so many rides in the theme park but too bad I couldn’t stay late for the fireworks at night.

I would definitely recommend Everland Amusement Theme Park! Check out the discount package for Everland I got from Funko here – Everland with Shuttle Bus Package

Everland with Shuttle Bus Package by Funko – Funtastic Korea!

When I told people I’ve been to South Korea 5 times and yet I haven’t been to Everland nor Lotte World, people start questioning W-H-Y? =P

Hence, this trip, as usual, my main objective is to attend BIGBANG 10th Anniversary Concert, but I always try to squeeze in more time for the trip to visit places that I’ve never been to! Can you believe it that 5 trips and I still have a lot of new places to discover!

Everland Theme Park

Everland is a theme park at the Everland Resort in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea. Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park.

Everland Theme Park South korea Seoul Funko Discount package

Speaking of Everland, I’ve seen it in Runningman and K-Drama etc, it seems like a real fun theme park with rides and safari! It’s about 40-50 minutes bus ride from Seoul to Everland.

How to get to Everland?

There is a few ways to get to Everland but the best of course is by the shuttle bus! It cost 8,000krw for a round trip and they have a few pick up points as well!

everland shuttle bus package discount funko

How much is Everland Theme Park Ticket?

The ticket price is 52,000krw for adult and 41,000krw for children. That is about RM190 (Adult) and RM150 (Children).

Everland Seoul South Korea Discount Package Funko

Everland Ticket + Shuttle Bus Package – Best Deal!

One of the best deal I found at Funko – Funtastic Korea is this combo of Everland Ticket + Shuttle Bus! It cost ONLY 47,000krw! It’s amazing that it’s even cheaper than one ticket price.

Everland Seoul South Korea Discount Package Funko

For 47,000krw, you get a ROUND TRIP shuttle bus + Everland One-day Ticket! They also have a few pick up points where you can choose, most of the pick up points are the popular tourist areas so I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to recognize all of the names.

Everland Seoul South Korea Discount Package Funko

Funko – Funtastic Korea

Purchasing the package from Funko is not so much of complication.

Everland Seoul South Korea Discount Package Funko

Complete all of the above and click Book Now and you’ll see the item with all the details in your cart, you can click add more if you want to add another travel package or proceed to PAY NOW.

Everland Seoul South Korea Discount Package Funko

Next, you will have to fill in your information and there are 3 ways to make your payment which is by Credit Card, Korean Bank Transfer or Cash at Funko Office.

Everland Seoul South Korea Discount Package Funko

As to avoid the hassle of looking for the office in town, I chose to make payment via Credit Card which is really easy! Fill up your credit card info and NEXT, THAT’S IT!

After payment done, you will receive a confirmation email with the shuttle bus & Everland ticket QR code which you need to show to the staff at Everland entrance to redeem your ticket, screen shot the QR code if you doesn’t have any internet access.

Please make sure you be ON TIME for the shuttle bus, no Malaysian timing ok? Otherwise you’ll have to find your own way to Everland. >.<

Next, read about My Fun Day in Everland!

A nightout at Hugos by Modestos @ Qliq Damansara

hugos by modestos

A night out at Hugos by Modestos which located at Qliq Damansara, Empire Damansara! I’ve always wonder if Hugos by Modesto is a place for party? A bar? A pub? or A club?

hugos by modestos

I was pleasantly surprised upon entering the very vibrant dining hall! It’s located on the second floor of the Hotel Qliq, it’s also accessible from Empire Damansara, the dining hall with a very subtle colours makes it looks really funky yet modern.

What’s good at Hugos by Modestos?

Cannelloni Al Funchi E Parmigiano Con Tartufo (Crepes with Creamy Mushroom and Parmesan Cheese) – RM32


First, I thought it’s pasta, so my expectation was like spaghetti or fettuccine, but when it was served, it went beyond my expectation, it looks more like lasagna than pasta, I’m such a cheese lover and I love this! This is really a good call for all the cheese lover out there!

Premier ½ Roasted Chicken –  Free Range Chicken served with Coleslaw, French Fries and Gravy – RM34


Frankly, this doesn’t look like a half chicken to me, more like a quarter. But the taste isn’t really disappointing, the chicken flesh is tender and the sauce is really nice.

Dragone – Dragon Shaped with Mozzarella, Turkey Ham, Eggs and Mushrooms – RM39


This is a pizza, a pizza, yes, a pizza! It’s called Dragone for a reason! I guess you all must have get the gimmick behind the name as well! The mozzarella cheese and other ingredients seeped out for the first cut and got me really mouth watering looking at the cheese! And Yess…the taste is good!

Crepe Suzette – Served Caramelized with a Tangerine Zest and Flambe – RM20


I love crepe, I really do. This crepe dessert comes with yummilicious vanilla ice cream in it and it does really taste good! I can take this whole serving on my own…

Hugoes by Modestos

You can enjoy your drinks just outside of the casual dining hall!

hugos by modesto


The dining environment is not bad, it’s a casual dining place where you can have a Friday night out with your BFF or besties. The only drawback is that they took a bit more longer to serve the foods on your table, but the best thing to discover is that they have Salsa Friday Night! So hoooray for all the Salsa fans! Do check out this place!

Hugos by Modestos

Unit A -G – 01 Ground Floor
Qliq Damansara, Empire Damansara
Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
017 799 2334


Naruko Skincare is finally in Malaysia exclusively at Watson!

Naruko Malaysia Watson Malaysia

You may have seen the brand before, you may have heard of the brand before, but now, you are able to find the full series of Naruko Skincare products exclusively at Watson Malaysia!

It was a blissful Sunday morning well spent with Niu Er Lao Shi (牛尔老师), getting a lot of tips on the best way to apply skin care!

naruko malaysia watson malaysia niu er skincare

Naruko has a few series of skincare, the difference between the series is the ingredients, each series has their own specialty and you should choose the one that best suits for your skin.

Raw Job’s Tears

One of my favourite series, I bought the mask and used it once a year back during my visit to Taiwan. It’s really nice and mild for my sensitive and oily skin.

naruko skincare malaysia watson malaysia

Rose Daily Skin Care

Rose is one of the popular ingredient to use for skincare, because the scent is really nice and moreover all women loves rose! This series is suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin.

naruko skincare malaysia watson malaysia

Tea Tree Shine Control and Blemish

Tea Tree is always well-known for clearing blemish, tea tree oil can kills acne bacteria but the down side of it is that it dried out your skin, hence it’s really important to get a full set of the skin care to rejuvenate your skin with moist after applying tea tree oil.

naruko skincare malaysia watson malaysia

Lupin Anti-Aging Series

The Lupin series is good for anti-aging as it contains all the ingredients that is specially crafted for anti wrinkles. This series is still suitable for all types of skin, especially aged skin.

naruko skincare malaysia watson malaysia

60 Actives La Creme

One of the best product that Niu Er Lao Shi introduced is the so called ‘Magic Cream’!


It’ selling at RM188 ONLY, and you can find it in Watson Malaysia or Naruko Malaysia Online Store.

Naruko Malaysia Watson Malaysia

The magic cream is made with 60 kinds of precious botanical extracts and it has all the best ingredients for your skin.

To find out more about Naruko products please visit:

Watson Malaysia | Naruko Malaysia

Let’s go Sugar-Free this coming Mooncake Festival with BMS Organics!

Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival that kids are really anticipated, it’s the season when school will start teaching student how to make our own Tanglung (Lantern) and I remembered how I had fun making different kind of lanterns together with my friends during my 6 years primary school life!

Other than Lanterns, of course MOONCAKE is something you can’t missed on this festive! I really love mooncake especially the one with egg yolk! But ever since I started taking care of my diet and go ‘kurang manis’ for all my foods & drinks, eventually I avoid taking mooncake as well!

The saddest fact is that, most of us are high sugar consumer, and the fact that my parents can’t eat mooncake due to high cholesterol somehow making the festive losing the crucial component!

This year, let’s celebrate the festive without losing of the crucial component with “Organic Sugar Free Mooncake by BMS Organics!

BMS Organics understands everyone loves mooncake. Hence, in order to let everyone enjoys mooncake in a healthier condition, BMS Organics is introducing 6 choices of SUGAR FREE mooncakes that are freshly made from the finest ingredients which will give you a hint of intensity and a delightful texture!

High Blood Pressure? Diabetes? Now Worry FREE!

BMS Organic introduced SIX (6) choices of organic sugar free mooncakes include three unique flavours: Pink Lady 10 Grain Beetroot, Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame and Green Balance Macha Red Bean; and three classic flavours: Pure Lotus, Pure Lotus with Yolk and Mixed Nuts Delight.

  1. Pink Lady 10 Grain Beetroot

BMS Organic Sugar Free Mooncake Mid Autumn Festival

10 Grain Beetroot is great for replenishing blood for women. The combination of oat milk and lotus seed paste fillings, coupled with the natural colouring of outer layer that sourced from beetroot juice. This natural and pinkish gem will surely be your ticket to happiness.

  1. Bamboo Charcol Black Sesame

BMS Organic Sugar Free Mooncake Mid Autumn Festival

Aroma-rich black sesame is packed with calcium, vitamins and trace minerals. Its black outer layer is craftily made from bamboo charcoal. Greater taste and healthier digestive system are no longer a dream!

  1. Green Balance Macha Red Bean

BMS Organic Sugar Free Mooncake Mid Autumn Festival

The healthy aromas of green tea and wheat grass are value even more. The perfect combination of green and red colours, whereby the red beans offers gentle sweetness and smoothness to the palate, while the natural green tea powder made up the exterior. This nutritious blend is widely known to aid in body detoxification.

  1. Pure Lotus

BMS Organic Sugar Free Mooncake Mid Autumn Festival

Uses only the best quality ingredients such as high-quality lotus seeds that bring you the best blend of healthy and great taste.

  1. Pure Lotus with Yolk

BMS Organic Sugar Free Mooncake Mid Autumn Festival

The salted aromatic egg yolk fused splendidly with a classic sweet pure lotus seed paste makes this mooncake taste even superior.

  1. Mixed Nuts Delight

Rich in fiber and healthy fatty acids. This exquisite flavour will surely linger in your mouth and is a must pick mooncake for those who desire a traditional taste.

BMS Organic Mooncake Gift Set

BMS Organic Sugar Free Mooncake Mid Autumn Festival

BMS Organics isnt only putting much effort on making healthier mooncakes, they also come out with a unique makeover of the traditional mooncake gift box.

The 4-piece mooncake lantern mooncake gift box can be used as a lantern after you unpack it. On the other hand, the 2-piece mooncake gift box contains two pieces of mooncake and a can of organic green tea. The packaging is elegant; definitely suitable to gift your family and friends.

How to get? Where to get?

Starting from August 1, 2016, public can purchase these organic sugar free mooncakes at any BMS Organics Outlets. 4-piece lantern mooncake gift box is priced at RM107.60, while the 2-piece mooncake and organic green tea gift set is priced at RM63.

** BMS Organics member or credit card holder of either Citibank, Public Bank or Aeon, you are entitled to:

  1. RM10 BMS Organics Vegetarian Café cash voucher with every purchase of a 4-piece mooncake lantern gift box, and 20% discount for the second box.
  2. RM5 BMS Organics Vegetarian Café cash voucher with every purchase of a 2-piece mooncake gift box, and 20% discount for the second box.

If you couldn’t buy it at BMS Organics outlet or you would like to send a mooncake gift set to home, purchase it online. BMS Organics will send it to your doorstep (Free delivery only applicable for West Malaysia).

**Insert the promo code “BMSO2UMC” to get 10% rebate.

For more information, please logon

Walk-a-Mile for a healthier heart to live a greater life with Nestle Omega Plus!


Speaking of cholesterol, it’s not something that we haven’t heard of, it’s not something that we aren’t aware of, but do you really know how to manage cholesterol effectively?

I’ve seen my mum suffering high cholesterol at the age of 55, and she had to do a bypass heart surgery at the age of 65, hence I started to take precaution whenever people talk about cholesterol!

So, what is Cholesterol?

I believe one of the crucial part of managing cholesterol effectively is to UNDERSTAND cholesterol. Just like making a delicious dish, if you don’t make yourself understand the taste of each ingredients that you going to put into your cooking, you’ll never be able to cook a good dish.

nestle walk a mile cholesterol

I did a research on cholesterol just right after my mum told me she’s going for a bypass heart surgery as I really need to understand what surgery she will be going through.

As you can see from the image above, on the left is the normal blood vessel and on the right is the partly blocked blood vessel. A very serious blocked blood vessel will eventually lead to Heart Attack or Stroke, that is the result when your blood flow to your heart is completely BLOCKED.

What causes blocked blood vessel?

A build-up of cholesterol plaques are what causes a blocked blood vessel. It’s not hard to understand how the cholesterol plaques build-up, it’s just like the plaques on your teeth, but we brush our teeth everyday means we clean the plaques everyday, but Can You Brush the Plaques in your HEART?

The problem here is YOU CAN’T!

This is why it’s really important for everyone above the age of 20 years old to have their cholesterol levels checked at least ONCE every FIVE (5) years.

‘I’M STILL YOUNG!’ was what I always said before going through the hard time with my mum. But it’s better early than late!

It causes no harm for you to spend a little time checking your cholesterol during young age and manage your cholesterol effectively because I’m pretty sure you’re going to be thankful when your age is growing old!

Who is at a Higher Risk of Heart Disease?

  1. Family History of High Cholesterol or Heart Attack
  2. Overweight
  3. Physically Inactive
  4. Suffer from Diabetes
  5. High-Fat Diet
  6. Smokers
  7. Age above 45 years old (for men) or 55 years old (for women)

How to Manage Cholesterol Effectively?

2 simple tasks:
EXERCISE and Take Care of your DIET to maintain a healthy BMI between 18.5 – 24.9!

A little tip to kick-start your healthy diet is to include 1.2g of plant sterols:

Nestle Omega Plus Mlik

ONLY 2 servings Daily will do!

NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS® is the only milk that has ACTICOL®, plant sterols that help lower cholesterol by blocking the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. Make the 2 servings as part of your breakfast!

Also, if MARATHON sounds like a nightmare to you, what about a simple walk?

Join Nestle Omega Plus Walk-A-Mile which is happening on 3rd of September 2016!

Register at to join the walk!

You’re in charge of your heart, if you don’t take action NOW, the doctors are going to take charge of it THEN.

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