7 Days Breakfast Challenge with Dutch Lady Milk!

Breakfast or not?

Breakfast is such a ‘dreamy’ word for me 12 years back when I was still in high school, I mean who had breakfast during high school when you have to wake up at 6.30am and rush to school at 7am?

But as you age, you slowly discover how that your metabolism is dropping and you really need to start taking care of your diet, start with a good loads of breakfast, and a healthy lunch with a minimal dinner and of course NO supper.

breakfast dutchlady milk cereal

What do you eat to kick start the day?

Talking is cheap only until you start taking action, preparing breakfast is never easy but if you put a bit of effort in preparing it, you’ll be rewarded!

For a lazy bump like me, it’s always a quick and fast breakfast but with a good nutrients consumption, I bet we are all familiar with Milk + Cereal breakfast right?

We’ve seen the TV commercial since young, we grown up watching the commercial, it’s the kind of mindset that already planted in our mind, when you think of breakfast, you will never forget Milk & Cereal.

cereal milk

My Kind of Breakfast

I usually have milk with cereal for my breakfast, but in alternate day, I have Milo and Soda Biscuit just to kinda ‘refresh’ my menu. I used buy Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk which is now known as Pure Farm Milk, you may ask why not the Low Fat? In fact, I prefer the Full Cream Milk as it’s much filling so you won’t be feeling hungry easily.

My usual full cream milk with cereal breakfast would last me for more than 3 hours or more, but if I’m having Milo with Soda biscuit would last me for 2 hours or more.


Calcium is one of my answer. As a runner myself, I need a good intake of calcium to prevent stress fractures. Stress fractures are a very common injury to runners and one of the precautions is to maintain the calcium balance in order to have good bone health.

It’s easy as consuming 2 servings of milk a day to meet the nutrition requirement your body needs; and also with just 1 serving at breakfast will help to provide 200mg of calcium which is a good start of your daily routine.

7-Days Breakfast Challenge with Dutchlady Pure Farm Milk

I just did a 7-days breakfast challenge with Dutchlady Pure Farm Milk, it’s quite interesting when you have to pair your breakfast with milk, and you think maybe it will be boring, but as you start preparing your breakfast everyday, you will find yourself having fun with discovering different types of food to go with milk!

Here’s my 7-Days Breakfast Challenge with Milk!

sarapan dutch lady milk breakfast challenge

sarapan dutch lady milk breakfast challenge

sarapan dutch lady milk breakfast challenge

sarapan dutch lady milk breakfast challenge

sarapan dutch lady milk breakfast challenge

sarapan dutch lady milk breakfast challenge

Sarapan Dutch Lady

Start your breakfast challenge today and see what you will be having together with milk for your breakfast for 7 days!

Check out P.S. Tokyo Cafe first anniversary promotion!

ps tokyo cafe ss2

P.S. Tokyo, located at SS2 is celebrating their 1st anniversary! You may not notice this little cafe with a very nice and simple industrial design and the environment is really chill inside the cafe.

ps tokyo cafe ss2

Many wonder about the name origin. Why P.S. Tokyo? What does the P.S. stands for? P.S. refers to the Latin post scriptum, an expression of “written after”. Be it words, sentence or paragraph, what is usually written after the end is so important that it should not be excluded. This is the type of en-carved experience they wanted their customers to have at the end of every visit.

ps tokyo cafe ss2

You may not really notice the cafe as the cafe is on second floor, it’s the same row as the Balai Polis (Police Station).

ps tokyo cafe ss2

P.S. Tokyo First Anniversary Promotion!

ps tokyo cafe ss2  promotion japanese hot cake

Check-in to P.S. Tokyo and redeem your FREE Mini Soft Serve!

How? Just show your check-in on Facebook and redeem a mini soft serve! **whilst stock last, so grab it fast!

Introducing the new Japanese Hot Cakes! Available limited time only.

ps tokyo cafe ss2 japanese hot cakes
Japanese Hot Cakes with Mixed Fruits – RM16.90

The Japanese Hot Cakes are coming to P.S. Tokyo starting 18th October 2016!

Japanese Hot Cakes at ONLY RM1!

P.S. Tokyo will be collaborating with KL Now for RM1 Japanese Hot Cakes redemption happening on 18th & 25th October, 2016.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to know how you can redeem the limited Japanese Hot Cakes for just RM1!

Mini 4s [Matcha + Hojicha + Milk + Seasonal] – 29.60

Their signature product which should never be missed is Matcha and Hojicha softserve. They are using one of the best Matcha and Hojicha ingredients imported from Uji, Kyoto straight to Malaysia to give an authentic flavour experience to fellow Malaysians.

ps tokyo cafe ss2 mini 4s soft serve ice cream

Matcha / Hojicha / Milk Parfait – RM15.90 each

ps tokyo cafe ss2

Salad – 13. 90 per box | Cafe Latte – 10.90

ps tokyo cafe ss2

Check out P.S. Tokyo Set Menu!

Kokuō no Set (King Set) – 50% off

1 salad of choice + 1 Kinako latté (roasted soybean latte)

Joō no Set (Queen Set) – 20% off

3 mini macarons of the day + 1 beverage of choice (not applicable to can/bottle drinks) + 1 cake of choice OR 1 soft serve of choice

Hime no Set (Princess Set) – 10% off

1 beverage of choice (not applicable to can/bottle drinks) + 1 cake of choice OR 1 soft serve of choice

***all items are subjected to 10% service charge.

Get your Instagram photo print for FREE at P.S. Tokyo!


In house, P.S. Tokyo currently have an Instagram Print counter where customers can get their Instagram pictures printed automatically once they post a picture with the hastag #pstokyo. Check out #pstokyo hashtag on instagram and you will find pictures of customers having a good time with the Hashtag print!

Happy 1st Anniversary to P.S. Tokyo

Thanks for inviting us to witness the blissful moment and Happy 1st Anniversary to P.S. Tokyo!

PS Tokyo SS2

Don’t forget to follow their Facebook & Instagram to check out their anniversary promotion!

Address: 80a, Jalan SS2/60, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Operating hour: Monday to Sunday (12pm to 12am / 11pm last call)

Experience Korea – Korean Fair 2016 @ Hartamas Shopping Centre!

experience korea hartamas shopping centre

Hartamas Shopping Centre, one of the neighbourhood mall of Hartamas and Mont Kiara, which is also known as the little Korean town in Malaysia, is inviting everyone to Experience Korea from 27 September to 1 October 2016.

The fair which is happening all around the mall is showcasing to visitors’ Korean product i.e. Korean food, fashion, lifestyle and more.

experience korea fair hartamas shopping centre

There will be also be showcase of Korean culture also happening at the Main Concourse daily from 1pm onwards. This Korean Fair is meant to share the culture, connect and experience with the visitor and shoppers of Hartamas Shopping Centre.

experience korea fair hartamas shopping centre

“We would like to appreciate and celebrate the cultures of other nationalities especially among the residences around the mall vicinity as they also our estimated customers,” said Mr Alex Tan, the Centre Manager of Hartamas Shopping Centre.

experience korea fair hartamas shopping centre

Hartamas area is not only the prime locations for the Malaysians, but also home for expatriates from many countries from around the world especially Korean and Japanese. Hence, it’s always been called the Korean Town for a reason, as if you’re looking for Korean Restaurants or stuffs, this neighbourhood is your best bet!

The daily activities chosen to be showcased during the 5 days fair are the traditional cultural dance at the opening, the Ddakji/Korean kite demonstration on the second day, Tuho (Korean traditional throwing sticks game) on the third game, Kimchi demonstration on fourth day and Samyang eating competition on the last day of the fair with great Korean products to be won.

experience korea fair hartamas shopping centre

Visitors and shoppers are all welcomed to join all the activities and enjoy the experiences that Hartamas Shopping Centre is offering at this exciting fair.

Korean Snacks & Ramyeon

Good news for all Korean Snacks & Ramyeon lovers, now you can find it all at Experience Korea Fair in Hartamas Shopping Centre! 
experience korea fair hartamas shopping centre

experience korea fair hartamas shopping centre

Make sure to check out all the great deals offer at the Korea Fair!

Issue Seoul Guesthouse near YG Entertainment Building!

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Issue Seoul Guesthouse

It was really a pleasant stay at Issue Seoul Guesthouse, I was amazed by the cleanliness of this guesthouse!! I must confess, this is by far the cleanest guesthouse I ever stayed in Seoul in my 5 times visit experience!

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Upon entering the guesthouse, I was great by a friendly lady which later I found out to be the ladyboss? >.<

Issue Seoul Guesthouse has a few room types available:
Single room  (1person) : 1
Double room (2people) : 3
Triple room (3people) : 2
Quadruple room (4~5 people) : 2
Family room (6 people) :1
All rooms are private and they doesn’t rent out dormitory bunk bed, so it’s really suitable for traveler whom prefer quiet private moment in the room.
issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

This is the price list for all the rooms but you will be entitled for 15% discount if you book the room 2 months in advance or you can email them to check out their latest promotion!

Double Room

The room we stayed is the double room, I was surprise by the spacious room too! I remembered for once when we stayed in a guesthouse which we have to take turn to open our luggage due to limited space. T.T

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

On second floor, there is also a chillax space with sofa and TV which you can relax and chill all day~~

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Location (How to get to Issue Seoul Guesthouse?)

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Coming out from Hapjeong Station Exit #2, you just have to walk all the way straight for about 200meter and take a right turn and you will spot Issue Seoul Guesthouse.

The most important point is, EXIT #2 has an elevator or Lift access so don’t worry about carrying your bulky luggage!

No one understand how important it is to have an escalator to the ground from subway station until you’re in Seoul!! The staircases is already a nightmare without carrying luggage!

Authentic Korean Mum Breakfast!

Ladyboss prepare all of this by herself every morning, so yes, you don’t have to make your own breakfast like other guesthouse! You wake up, take a shower, dress up and walk to the dining hall, pick up the breakfast and eat! That’s it~~~

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Issue Seoul Guesthouse breakfast serves from 9am to 10am, and they served DIFFERENT breakfast daily in a week.

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

I enjoyed my breakfast so much at the dining hall on the first floor.

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Kimbap Making Class, 삼겹살 BBQ Party, ChiMac Party (Chicken + Beer)

They even have kimbap making class which you can’t experience anywhere else! Make your own kimbap! This is really money can’t buy experience as I’ve seen it in so many K-Drama and TV Shows! All of these doesn’t have fixed schedule but rather depends on ladyboss, BBQ Party has to depends on weather condition as it’s outdoor activity and chicken + beer party I guess you can get ladyboss to make a call for the delivery as well!😀

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

And Now, for YG Stan or BIGBANG’s FAN!

The guesthouse is located at the same station as YG Building! The guesthouse is Exit #2 and YG Entertainment is at Exit #8! So the trick here is, if you find anyone update on their SNS that they’re in the studio, you can walk to the building in just 15-20minutes!

For reservation and info or discount:

Please email them at issue@isseoul.com or check out their FACEBOOK or ISSUE SEOUL GUESTHOUSE website.

Heart Health Challenge – You’re in charge of your own heart!

Let’s join the Heart Health Challenge!

As a young adult, I have to say that I’m considered as one of the healthy young adult in Malaysia, I spend at least 30 minutes a day running or jogging on treadmill, I go for outdoor activities once a month such as hiking or trekking.

Often people asked me WHY? Am I on diet? NO.

I’m not really on diet, exercise doesn’t mean I want to be skinny or slim, to be exact, I want to be FIT. Not only physically FIT, it’s also another way of keeping my ‘inner side’ healthy as well.

As a Malaysia, we couldn’t denied the fact that our lifestyle is really bad especially when it comes to foods. That is why Malaysians are experiencing heart disease much earlier in life.

Heart health care should begin early on – don’t wait until it’s too late!

Parents should also play a crucial role in balance their children’s lifestyle particularly their eating habit. Don’t let your child over-eating, teach them how to control and balance their diet.

A holistic Heart Health Management

  1. Physical Activity

Aim to get some form of physical activity every day – let’s do it the simple way, park your vehicle a bit further than the elevator so that you can walk a bit or take the staircase up if it’s just one floor. Anything that makes your body move and burn calories is considered physical activity. Walking more is a great way to improve heart health.

2. Medical Check-up

Even if you don’t have any heart issues, we should do a regular check-ups, it’s also another way to know if you have any disease at early stage which is still controllable.

3. Balanced Diet

Eat a balanced diet – at the dining table, aim to fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits, consume milk with added plant sterols to block the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream.

Plant sterols are considered to be the most effective single food that can lower cholesterol as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Plant sterols can be found in small amounts in many grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

However you may have to eat very large amounts of these items to have an effect on your cholesterol.

Another good thing to intro is Nestlé Omega Plus, you only need to drink two glasses a day to manage cholesterol levels. They have the ready box which make it easy for us to consume and bring it anywhere.

screenshot-www.instagram.com 2016-09-20 10-42-31.png

Join  Nestlé Heart Health Challenge campaign and stand a chance to be rewarded by a special gift box from  Nestlé Omega Plus!

Take a photo of you having a healthy meal or doing any physical activities and post it on your instagram with the following 3 hashtags:

• #SaveAHeart
• #NestleOmegaPlus
• #HeartHealthChallengeMY

Let’s take charge of our own heart today and pass on the healthy lifestyle to your beloved friends and family!

Hotel Baroato in Hongdae – An affordable 5-star guesthouse experience!

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse

Hotel Baro Ato Hongdae, Seoul

Baroato 是由一群韩国青年,也是专业室內設計師們共同建立,他们都是擁有多家民宿設計經驗,这群有为的韓國青年室內設計師們是带这一种希望能將自己的設計真實地呈現来建立了 Baroato。

Hotel Baroato is built and owned by a group of young Korean Interior Designers. It’s a contemporary small hotel located at Hongdae area in Seoul. As you can see from the overall architecture of the building is in black, it’s very modern-like and cool from the outside to the inside.

Baroato 从里到外都是这群室內設計師們一手包辦建设…从投資至設計至裝潢,都是经过他们个人獨特的設計風格在加上新穎的裝潢家品打造獨特的。

Hotel Baroato is designed by a group of young Koreans interior designers with lots of experiences in guesthouse interior design. Hence, from investment to design to decoration, it’s all done by the owners. The concept of the hotel is a very modern industrial concept.

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse

Baroato 走的是工业风,大多设计装潢都是使用 — 木材, 金属, 玻璃等~ 而室內裝飾却以材料本身的感覺作為設計,所以每件房间都是独特的风格,大体上都是很簡單韓式的裝飾要素再加上現代復古的概念,將內在簡約化中包含著富情感化去設計 。

Baro-Ato Concept

The overall concept for Hotel Baroato is very ‘industrial-like’, as most of the materials used are concrete, woods, metal, glass etc. Each room are carefully designed as to achieve the goal of contemporary yet Korean traditional feel.

BARO 바로 = 韩文意义是“就是這樣”,意思就是絕無虛假的就是這般真實地呈現。

Baro means ‘Like this’ in Korean which also means no fake no shammer, what you see is what you get.

ATO 아토- 韓國傳統的古話“禮物”的意思。

Ato means ‘Present/Gift’ in Korean Traditional Literature.

Hotel Baro Ato Room Types & Rate

Baroato 有几种房型,包括担任上下铺,两人房,三人房,还有如果是一班朋友一起旅游的,也可以考虑家庭房。

Hotel Baroato offers a few room types, from dormitory bunk bed to double/twin room, triple as well as Family Room which can fit in a family of 5 adults or a group of 5 buddies.

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse



A very nice rooftop which you can chill in the morning while having your breakfast but it may be a bit dark at night hence the rooftop is closed at 10p.m. in consideration of guest’s safety.

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse

Triple Room


Triple room comes with 1 double bed and 1 single bed, the design of each room is really unique as you can find a very unique lamp and furniture which is different for each and every room.

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse

Family Room


The family room consist of 2 rooms with a small little kitchen area.

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse

Private Bathroom in Each Room

Baroato 每间房型都有属于自己的厕所,所以不需要担心和别人一起公用一间厕所或排队等洗澡之类的。

Each room with private bathroom comes with amenities such as shampoo and body shampoo and towel.


Breakfast by Hotel Baro Ato


Breakfast are prepared by the hotel and will be hang on your room door every morning. But since we’re going out early in the morning at 7am, so we asked if the breakfast can be prepared the night before and the answer is YES. =D

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse

How to get to Hotel Baro Ato?

The location is so close to Hongik University Station which is also one of the stop from Airport Railway, means you can get here directly from Incheon Airport. From the metro station, come out from exit #3 and within 5-10 minutes walking distance you will be able to find Hotel Baro Ato.

How to make reservation?

如何订购房?可以在 Baroato Facebook 网站 订购。

You can head on to their Facebook or Website to make your reservation.

Faizal Tahir’s – Terangi Hidupku #bersatuTENAGA music video is out!

#bersatuTENAGA by Faizail Tahir with TNB Careline

Did you join Faizal Tahir #bersatuTENAGA music video campaign?

The new music video for ‘Terangi Hidupku – #bersatuTENAGA‘ is now released!!

Let’s celebrate Malaysia Day with ‘a sound of unity’ as seen in this video which couldn’t be complete without fellow Malaysians’ unity. I found my video featured in it!! It’s really amazing!

Has your video featured in the new music video?

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