Krabi Thailand 3D2N Itinerary


A 3 Days 2 Nights short trip to Krabi Island, July might not be a good timing for an island trip but since it’s a low season, I was expecting low price & low spending for this trip. 🙂

I was told by a local that I was lucky because the week before I traveled to Krabi was raining & the weekend I spent in Krabi was sun shiny days.

I reached Krabi at noon about 1p.m., checked in the resort & went out for a walk around Ao Nang. The resort I stayed is Ao Nang Paradise Resort, it’s not a very luxury resort but for the price I paid, it’s indeed a good small resort.

10455806_10204710141297178_7325222406695950416_nAo Nang is a pretty good place to stay, and it’s only about 400 meters walk from the resort to the beach, along the way, there’s a lot of restaurants & massage places & also souvenir shops. I was hunting for hair braids and I got hooked up by a local who was trying to sell me their massage & since she speaks English well, I went along with her to her massage shop in ‘The Last Fisherman’, this is actually a bar but beside the bar there’s a whole stretch of massage places. Since it’s a low season, that auntie told me all of the massage only cost 200 baht, yes for a ONE hour massage, whether it’s foot or full body or aroma massage, it’s only 200 baht!!!


I got my hair braids for 200 baht as well!

After the massage, went back to the resort to take a rest and I was planning to go either Krabi Night Market or Tiger Cave Temple in the evening but I spent too much leisure time on the massage place and I totally forgot about my plan!

NOTE: Krabi Night Market starts at 6pm, it’s 30 minutes drive from Ao Nang, so you better book a tour or you can rent a bike and ride around. I was told that Tiger Cave Temple is much better to do in the morning, but since I don’t have much time to visit the temple, I gave it up on this trip.

I found Krabitrek has a good price for tours so I wanted to visit the shop and ask for more information, so I called up the shop and asked for direction, I can say the girl was really helpful, I ended up booked a 4 islands speedboat tour (1,000 baht) & a Night Market tour (150 baht).

My initial plan was to go for night snorkeling because I was really anticipated by the glowing plankton during my search online, but since I have to do Night Market so I gave up on night snorkeling which made me so much regrets after I went to the Night Market.

NOTE: The Night Market was really nothing much to see, it’s just foods and souvenirs, and if you’re a Malaysian, I don’t think you’ll like the night market because it’s almost the same as our Pasar Malam, even our Pasar Malam is better than that. =.=


The 4 Islands Speedboat tour starts at 9am, with the pick-up time from our resort at 8.30a.m. You’ll be pick up by a bus and remember to keep your tour receipt, you’ll need them to get onto the bus!


First, you’ll be brought to Phra Nang Cave island which you can do some rock climbing (a simple one really) and there’s nothing much to do in this island, the water wasn’t crystal clean & clear so I walked around & rest under a swing I found on that island.

10565066_10204708652619962_243578791693926955_nNext, you’ll be brought to Tup Island, it’s an interesting island when you saw it on the brochure but once you’re there, ya, pretty much just an island with a crystal clean water. After Tup Island, it’s time for some snorkeling before alight at Chicken Island. Was it because of the monsoon season? I’m not sure, but the water wasn’t clean & I can barely see fishes around. So I just swam around the sea.


After snorkeling, it’s time for lunch, do not expect good lunch in good restaurant, it’s basically just a small restaurant with Rice + Chicken + Vegetables menu.

After lunch, headed to the last stop which is the Poda Island, out of the 4 islands, I guess this is the island where you can relax.

10489861_10204708930426907_4247643110480899349_nThe chair is not free, yes, you’ll have to rent it for 200 baht, so if you want to relax here, be sure to rent the chair earlier, otherwise you can bring your own mattress.

The 4 Islands Tour ended at about 3p.m., back to the resort, get a shower and take a rest and continue for the pick-up for Night Market at 5.45p.m. The Night Market ended my second day in Krabi.

10550897_10204703308326358_2722746440515198245_nI have no interest to go to any of the bars in Krabi, so I bought my favourite drink which is Chang Draught Beer and enjoy my leisure night at the resort.

Next morning, booked the Airport Shuttle Bus for 150 baht from the resort, went to Family Mart and grabbed my favourite breakfast in Thailand, a yoghurt drink & a sandwich, you can find these in all of the family mart or 7-11 in Thailand.

10413386_10204716253169971_2971072006471424272_nLast but not least, spotted Black Canyon in the departure hall, so I took the chance to get my favourite drink in Thailand – ChaYen (Thai Ice Milk Tea). You can order this in the roadside stall as well! So when you have no idea how to order from a roadside stall, just say ChaYen, they’ll know! 😀



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