Boat Noodle – Empire Damansara


Empire Damansara is a very new building in Damansara Perdana, it has become one of the popular hangout place since its opening on December 2013. One of the most popular restaurant here recently is the Boat Noodle where you see people taking photos with stacks of bowl.

The wait is ridiculously long due to the high demand and the small places which doesn’t accommodate much people. We’ve waited for about 30 minutes on the very limited chairs provided outside the restaurant. The price of the noodle is RM1.90 per bowl, don’t be surprise because that small bowl of noodle definitely worth less than RM1.90! This is how they tease people by stating the level status, so if you manage to finished 30 bowls you’ll get a big round of applause. (Note: Paying RM1.90 x 30 =RM57)


I won’t say the noodle is bad, in fact the food is quite good, but I don’t enjoy at all. For a heavy eater like me, obviously that one bowl of noodle is enough for ‘one shot’ only! You can definitely imagine how small portion it is!


TIP: If you want to enjoy the food more, I suggest you to order 5 bowls one shot, pour all the 5 bowls of noodle into 1 and eat.

Overall, the food is good, the wait is long, the portion is small. You judge it. The restaurant did sell a good concept!!


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