Seoul • YG Family 2014 AIA Real Life NOW Festival

As a VIP & a fan of YG, hearing the big news of YG Family World Tour is like a thunder strike right into your heart & your heart is beeping fast! So when AIA announced the festival featuring YG Family & Lady Gaga, without hesitation I’m making my way to Seoul!!


I grabbed my air ticket + accommodation via AirAsiaGo for approx. RM1,200 & I’m staying at this guesthouse near DongDaeMun, KimChee DongDaeMun, for people who loves shopping, Dongdaemun is definitely the place to be!!

Day 1: Incheon Airport –> KimChee Guesthouse –> YG Family Sound Check Party –> GwangJang Market

Day 2: AIA NOW FESTIVAL 2014 – YG Family Power Tour

Day 3: Ihwa Mural Village –> AIA NOW FESTIVAL 2014 – Lady Gaga ArtRave

Day 4: Dongmyo –> Hongdae –> Banpo Rainbow Bridge –> MyeongDong

Day 5: Annyeong Seoul! 😪


Stay: KimChee Guesthouse


KimChee Dongdaemun guesthouse is near to the subway station and it’s also within a walking distance to the Dongdaemun shopping district!!

You’ll pass by Cheongyecheon stream as well!


What’s good about the walking distance is that you can save your $$ on taxi/cab! Just walk back to the guesthouse when you’re done shopping! Zzang~~

*The best is that you can save the taxi/cab $$ for shopping!! 😱

KimChee Dongdaemun is also located near to the GwangJang Market! Yes, both located near to the same subway station –> Jongno 5-ga Station.

The subway station is at central location, which means you can easily get to Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, or Insadong are all just few stations away.

Transportation: T-Money


T-Money is a very common transportation card for Seoul metro & buses. You can easily get T-Money at any convenient store chains except 7-11, you can find it anywhere as well as Incheon Airport. You can reload the card at any metro station.

Seoul is actually not that big even though the metro map looks abit scary, but as a tourist, there’s only a few line & station that you need to familiar with. As for language barrier, might be a problem when you looking for a specific location, but if it’s a tourist spot, it shouldn’t be a big issue. Therefore, Seoul is manageable if you want to travel alone or without tour guide because everything is on Internet! =D


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