Seoul Day 1 YG Family Power Sound Check Party

Arriving Incheon Airport on the 14th August 2014 in the morning at 8a.m., I was really hoping that I can catch a chance to meet G-Dragon in the airport as he’s coming back from LA after KCON. *Sniff, if only my flight can reach 2 hours earlier!!


Alright, upon arriving, came out from the custom/immigration, there’s usually a Tourist Information counter, well, I suggest you to get the T-Money Transportation card from the convenient store in the airport, look for G25 & you’ll get the card.

How to get from Incheon Airport to downtown:

There’re two cost-effective way which are by train or by bus, unless you’re willing to pay more for comfy you should go with the Taxi. Usually people go by Airport Limousine Bus which cost $10,000krw/way per person.

TIP: If you’re carrying big luggage bag, I’ll suggest you to go with Airport Limousine Bus, as you’ll have to transfer to metro station if you’re using the airport railway.

As this trip I was just carrying a small luggage bag, I chose to go by the railway. There’re two different railroad, one is the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) and another one is the All-Stop commuter train.


So what’s the different between the express train and the commuter train? Besides the price difference, the express train will have less stops (save time) & the commuter train serves for Korean citizens that’s why it’ll have more stops. The express train has more comfortable seats whereas the commuter train carries the same seats as the subway train.

Here’s the service hours for Incheon Airport Railways:

UntitledIncheon Railway Train Fare:

Incheon International Airport –> Seoul Station

AREX Express Train: Adults $14,500krw / Children $6,900krw (Special fare: Adults $8,000krw, until 31 December 2014)

All-Stop commuter train: Adults $4,050krw/ Youth get 20% with a youth traffic card/Children 50%

You can reload your T-Money at the All-Stop commuter train station, if not you shall get the single-use transportation card with 500krw deposit will be reimbursed upon returning the card via a card return machine located inside subway stations.

TIP: Get a T-Money & reload at the airport station as you won’t want to queue up again upon arriving in Seoul Station because it’s a busy station.

It took about 2 hours to reach Kimchee Dongdaemun Guesthouse from Incheon Airport by the railway & subway. By the time we reached it’s about 11a.m., but it’s not the check in time yet so we left our luggage bag at the guesthouse and went for YG Sound Check Party!! We were so nervous because the ticket collection for sound check party starts at 2p.m., so we grabbed a melon milk & bread from the convenient store and headed straight to Jamsil Sport Stadium Complex.


The lucky 203 of the 1200 lucky winner!! Yes, the entry is according to the number so I bet you know the first 2 rows must be mine!! 😀 It seems like the sound check is kinda strict for photography, but if you want it there’s a way!! It not that strict as the one I went in Malaysia because I still managed to took a lot of photos & video!! Here’s the picture I taken during the YG Family Sound Check Party in Seoul:

YG Family Sound Check Party YG Family Sound Check PartyIf you want videos, you should visit my instagram. I had said I was really lucky to have won the sound check party pass! Because all of the YG Family members are here except for Psy!! Worth every penny I paid isn’t it?!

The sound check party ended around 5.30p.m., so we took the subway back to our guesthouse station which is at Jongno 5-ga and went to the famous GwangJang Market that Runningman filmed one of their episode here. The market is a few steps away from Jongno 5-ga, Exit 8, walk straight you won’t missed the busy food market!!


The market is really busy, just took a seat in any of the stall and start ordering, the easiest way is to point at the food, and say ‘Hana’ which means ONE, trust me 1 is enough for TWO people!! After dinner, we went back to guesthouse and rest early as we will have a battle for AIA NOW FESTIVAL 2014, YG Family Power the next day. 😛

If you have any question regarding buying concert ticket in Korea you can comment and ask me about it! 😀 Especially VIP, i’m more than willing to help yo! =D


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