Seoul Day 3: Ihwa Mural Village

On the day 3 in Seoul, we’re supposed to go to AIA NOW FESTIVAL 2014 for Lady Gaga ArtRave concert, but since the concert starts at 9pm, so as a K-Pop/Drama fans, we went around and explore Seoul city a lil’ bit more!

If you’re a fan of ‘Rooftop Prince’, Ihwa Mural Village is definitely a must visit place!! Ihwa Mural Village is well-known for the mural arts around a small village located near Mt. Naksan, is has been a popular tourist spots as you’ll see a map showing all of the mural arts you can find around the village.

Naksan 013

It’s worth spending 1 or 2 hours here exploring all of the mural arts, as it’s a tourist spots, you might need to spend some time ‘queue-up’ for taking photos. These are some of the ‘not-so-famous’ mural arts.

This is one of the most popular place to take photo…


You should probably know why…YES, because it’s a scene appear in Rooftop Prince drama.


Warning to those who don’t have good stamina because you’ll see a whole stretch of staircases along the way up, but don’t give up! As you continue along the way, you won’t regret by the view you can get! For me it wasn’t really a tough walk because I exercise regularly, it took me about 15 to 20 minutes to stroll around the village.




If you walk until the top, you’ll stop bumping into other tourists as most of them kinda give up half way…so enjoy the view all by yourself!!

How to get there: From Hyehwa Station (line 4), take Exit 2. Walk ~550m straight past Marronnier Square until reaching the Ihwa Intersection. Turn twice left to reach Yulgok-ro 19-gil street. (or alternative: follow the Naksan Park signboard).


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