Cameron Highland – 3D2N

Planning a getaway during Malaysia Public Holiday is a big headache, not only paying for expensive accommodation or foods, traffic jams on highway is the pain in the ass. This was my second trip to Cameron Highland after 12 years, I barely can remember how’s Cameron Highland except for the winding road. So, there’s another route opening last few years ago which is another road linked to Cameron Highland via Simpang Pulai. I did some research on whether to used old road or new road over the internet as the old road is nearer to Kuala Lumpur (via Tapah).

Tapah is only 1.5 hrs drive from KL whereas Simpang Pulai is almost closed to Ipoh which needs more than 2hrs drive I guess. With all the Public Holiday chaos on the highway, it usually took more than the expected hour. So we decided to tried on the new route for going up to Cameron Highland & coming down using the old road.

The new route is obviously way better than the old route because it’s not so winding but it’s a one big round from Simpang Pulai to Kampung Raja to Brinchang & Tanah Rata (try to google map & you’ll understand what I mean). So if your destination is Tanah Rata, going up from Tapah will be good but if you want to avoid winding road, please drive further up to Simpang Pulai for the new route.

Lavender Garden

It took us about 3 hours to reached Simpang Pulai from KL (as expected the high traffic on the highway + a very bad accidents near Ipoh), so another 1.5 to 2hrs to reached Tanah Rata, by the time we reached Tanah Rata, it’s already getting dark.

Checked in to the Planters Hotel, paid RM220/night for a premium room via, the room is very big and spacious, but too bad it’s located right next to the main road which is really super noisy at night!!! Since the location is good and I’m staying only for 2 nights, so suck the pain in!

Walks around the stretch of shops along the building, look for Hong Kong Restaurant, I can say it’s probably one of the most reasonable Chinese restaurant around Tanah Rata, and remember to go for the steamboat, it’s RM25/pax, but too bad it’s not eat all you can.

Next day, waking up at 9am, went for breakfast around the area, and moving to Lavender Garden. Initially planned to visit BOH Tea Plantation, but we drove passed it and reached Lavender Garden, the place is packed & entrance fee is RM5. Nothing impressed except for the flower garden near the entrance. Small & Crowded place.

1781951_10205332013603597_7197688174784252044_nMoving further up you can see a small cafe, and also a flower garden which you can pick & pay.

10622856_10205332012403567_7557033302340077416_nFurther up is strawberries picking area with RM10/200g.

Felt like being cheated after went into the place, spent about 1hr? or less in this place and moved to next destination – Big Red Strawberry Farm.

There’s a cactus valley or cactus farm before the entrance to the strawberry farm, thought of having some hi-tea at this place but it was a big disappointment. But looking at the bright side, there’s FREE WIFI in this area, so YAY or NAY?


For people who’re planning to do steamboat at their own apartment, get the fresh vegetables from here, only RM3/pack!


Next, finally going to the BOH Tea Plantation, it was such an adventurous drive to get to this plantation. It’s actually located at the middle of the route to Gunung Brinchang. Since this place is like a MUST VISIT place in Cameron Highland, despite raining we drive all the way in, advice to those who’re driving big car or 4WD, good luck!


The cafe is damn crowded which I don’t know why, it’s just BOH tea right??

After visited the tea plantation, went back to hotel for a rest and headed for steamboat at Hong Kong Restaurant.


That’s a wrap for Cameron Highland trip, basically nothing much to do or see, just relaaaax je~~~


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