Taiwan – 12Days 11Nights Itinerary

..Taiwan Touch Your Heart..


Indeed, it did truly deeply madly touched my heart.
This is my itinerary for my trip in 2011, it was 3 years ago, and yes I’d been to Taiwan for a second short trip in 2013. But I think my 12 days 11 night itinerary for 2011 covers most of the main cities in Taiwan, hence, I’m writing a blog for people who planned to travel all around Taiwan.


Day 1 – Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei City
(Taxi Fare around TWD 1,300)


If you’re travelling in 4 people, I think it’s better to catch a taxi but if you’re in tight budget, you can try to catch a bus from the airport to Taipei Main Station, and from there, you can transit to the subway train.


This is a home stay located in XiMenDing, it’s a very nice house but with only 2 units available to accommodate 2 people for each unit. But the website is written in Chinese, if you can directly email island0928227066@gmail.com, I hope they can understand English.


The rate is TWD 1,580 (weekday) & TWD 1,780 (weekend).
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Day 2 – Taipei
Walk around in Taipei, as I planned to tour around Taiwan and keep Taipei to the last of our trip, so I explored Taipei a little bit for the first day, you can walk around XiMenDing, it’s a very happening place when it gets dark with young crowds, or pay a day trip to Tamsui District, it’s a very nice place to chill & walk around on the old district.


Day 3 – Taipei to Sun Moon Lake
How to get to Sun Moon Lake from Taipei, there’s two options, one is the expensive way which is to go by hiring a cab but you get to stop by a few places before reaching Sun Moon Lake. Another option is to take the local bus from Taipei, it’ll took about 3/4 hours to reached Sun Moon Lake. The town is really small, you just have to walked from the place the bus dropped you to your hotel or home stay.


Accommodation: 潭暉旅店
Again, the website is all in Chinese, here’s the email tanhuimodernhotel@yahoo.com.tw, the home stay is really good, what you see is what you get, exactly, a beautiful room! The rate is from TWD 3,000 to 4,000 for double or four people’s room.




 Day 4 – Sun Moon Lake to Allisan


We pre-booked a van which will take us from Sun Moon Lake to Allisan, the journey took about 3/4 hours throughout a winding road, and the driver is like drifting all the way, so I kinda got sick, so remember to remind your driver to slow down if you don’t feel well.


Accommodation: 阿里山森之旅
I have no idea why their website cannot be accessed anymore, but if you really want to ask for this home stay, this is their email address: lu052679888@yahoo.com.tw




Day 5 – Allisan – Fenqihu – Kaohsiung


For this journey, we pre-booked our transport as well, usually there’ll be morning tour to see sunrise in Allisan, just try to ask the driver for this service. Fenqihu is accessible when you’re on the way to Kaohsiung from Allisan. Basically nothing much to see at Fenqihu, just have their popular lunchbox which taste really bad for me because of the Chinese Bamboo smell, I seriously won’t have it for second time.


Accommodation: KaoHsiung –85天空


This is one of the nicest home stay in Taiwan (out of all that I stayed in), they have several themes for their room, as you read from the name, translate from Chinese is 85 Sky, yes, it’s located at high floor where you can see the city from the top. The home stay is near to the night market as well as the subway station.
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Day 6 – Kaohsiung to Cijin Island
You can take the subway train from Kaohsiung to Cijin. A must eat in Cijin is their super cheap seafood!! You can take the ferry from the port to Cijin Island.


Day 7 – Kaohsiung to Kenting 1 day trip
We asked the home stay receptionist to called and book a cab for Kenting 1 day trip, you can have the driver to arrange where you want to go, the fare is TWD 3,500/day 8hours.


Day 8 – Kaohsiung to Taipei via Taiwan High Speed Rail
We bought the ticket through the website and printed the ticket via a ticket printing machine in 7-11, couldn’t recall if English is available but it’s better to get your ticket from the train station.
Kaohsiung to Taipei Train Price: TWD 1,490


Day 9 – Taipei – Tamsui
In Taipei, most of the time you’ll be using the subway train, so get yourself an Easy Card for your own convenient because you can get the balance & deposit refund at the end of your trip.


Day 10 – Taipei – Taipei 101 – Shihlin Night Market


Day 11 – Taipei – Jiufen
We went to Jiufen by taking the local train to Ruifang Station, and upon exiting the station, there will be lots of taxi/cab offering their day tour to several places in Jiufen and usually the taxi driver will drop you back to Taipei after the tour.


Day 12 – Taipei – Taoyuan International Airport

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