Universal Studio Singapore


Welcome to the Lion City, Singapore, this wasn’t my first time in Singapore, but this is my first time in Universal Studio Singapore (USS)!

I’ve always wanted to visit USS since the opening, but what got me delayed is that, frankly, I don’t really enjoy my time in Singapore! xD Spending in Singapore has been a headache for me, even a short trip like 3D2N is gonna cost me about RM1,000, with that amount of money, I can enjoy shopping + food + massage in Thailand already, but in Singapore, with that amount of money, what I can get is cheap & affordable food also transportation, that’s ALL! Not even enough to cover for accommodation, but I’m lucky enough to have relatives and friends staying in Singapore, therefore I always managed to find a free night! =D

So, I managed to get a cheap roundtrip air ticket from PEN – SIN – PEN at the price of RM200, this is the cheapest, don’t complain because looking at the price you’re paying for, it’s ONLY RM2o for flight seats and the rest is the taxes, service etc. paying to Singapore Airport! So if you saw free seat from Air Asia, you usually will get the air ticket around RM180-200, just grab it because you won’t find any cheaper one unless you wanna take bus which cost you around RM120 for roundtrip and with LONG journey!


Good news for Malaysian, you can always find cheap USS ticket on Groupon or Mydeal or Livingsocial, and also you can search for discount promotion from Mastercard or Maybank. With the discounted price, you can get the ticket at the price around RM170 (Usual price SGD74 = RM195).

How to get to USS from Bugis:

From Bugis MRT Station, take the train to Outram Park MRT Station, alight and transfer train to Harbour Front MRT Station.

From Harbour Front you can choose to take bus at the bus interchange or monorail at vivo city level 3 into USS.



Speaking of theme parks, the QUEUE is always a headache, so avoid weekends or public holidays if you can! Anyway, USS wasn’t a very big theme park, so if you really can’t make it on normal day, I guess you’re still able to cover the whole theme park, but if there’re no crowd, you get to make a ‘second round’ for all the rides!!

TIP: Don’t missed the amazing Transformer ride, it’s a MUST!! If you don’t mind taking the ride alone, you can go for the SINGLE RIDER lane, skip the long queue and save your time for other ride! Anyhow, you gonna enjoy the ride even if you’re alone because you’re on 3D glasses!

I went on Monday which is a normal day, and the crowd was little when i reached at 10.30 am in the morning, but I managed to finished the theme park within 5 hours, taken 2 rides for Transformer, and watched a few shows as well!! So, you know what to do, skip the weekend or public holidays, I MEAN IT! 😀


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