The Body Shop – Shea Shower Cream


This post is specifically written for people who have suffer sensitive or allergic skin like me. All these while I’ve been looking for products that best suitable for me and I’ve experienced the products from Cetaphil, Sebamed, Eubo’s, DermaVeen and all the soap free sensitive skin products available in Malaysia you can named of.

Here, I’m introducing the Shea Shower Cream from The body Shop, this is by far the only Body Shop product I’ve used and fall in love with, whether it’s the shower cream or body butter, all the Shea’s series are absolutely awesome!! Whether you’re suffering sensitive skin or travelling during winter, this is one of the best option for dry skin.

One 250ml shower cream cost about RM26++, I believe for those who understand and knows that sensitive skin products are always double or triple the price of normal products. Therefore, I’ve always aimed for the sale, and usually popular products like this get only 10% discount (is still better than nothing right).

If you have other better brands to introduce for sensitive skin, please do let me know! 🙂


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