Putrajaya – Putra Mosque


I lived in Malaysia, born and raised in Penang, as I moved to Kuala Lumpur 5 years back, I don’t really go and explore the tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur…so by co-incident, I was given the opportunity to visit Putrajaya 2 hours for job purpose! 😀

Upon completing my job task, I requested to visit Putra Mosque as I’ve been seeing tourists around the world posted photo of them visiting this popular mosque and as a Malaysian I think I should pay a visit as well since the entrance is FREE!!

Perhaps I visited the mosque on weekday, so I can easily find a car park around the mosque area, there are a few tourist buses as well, I’m not sure about weekend or public holiday but this area is definitely worth a visit!


I was shocked that we actually get to enter the mosque but limit to the a small area where you’re able to see the interior of the mosque and take picture! As a respect for the religion, all of us will have to wear the ‘Jubah’ (robe) which is the one I’m wearing here for entering the mosque. Just like the temple in Thailand where some area you’ll have to wear the clothes provided before entering the restricted area as a respect to th

e Buddha.



You’ll find the robe station when you enter the mosque entrance, it’s on your right, proceed to get the robe and there’s also an information counter right next to the entrance.

TIP: If you’re lucky, you may find this very helpful ‘Mak Cik’ (means auntie) who loves to explain everything you want to know about Islam! Yes, I got almost an hour lecture from this Mak Cik and she cleared all of my questions about Islam religion and culture!


From the praying culture to the interior design to architecture and also what Islam really is…she studied and she knows it! Grab the chance and ask everything you wanted to know if you managed to meet her!!


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