Hualien • 花莲 2D1N

I have always wanted to visit Hualien since my first trip to Taiwan in 2011, but due to the inconvenient of ground transportation I’ve always read about, I eventually gave up visiting this city in my first trip. So then I came back to Malaysia and when I’m planning for my second visit to Taiwan, I did some research on how to get to Hualien from Taipei and also about the ground tour available.

The most convenient transport from Taipei to Hualien is by train, it takes approx. 2-3 hours and it’s about TWD$440 (RM45) for one way. You can always ask for help in Taipei Main Station, best is to buy the train ticket one day in advance.

TIP: Go for the express train, ask the ticket counter for express train to Hualien.

So I bought an early train ticket which departs from Taipei Main Station at 6.10am and arrive in Hualien at 8.16am. I booked a 2 nights stay at No.6 Homestay. Double room for 1 night will be TWD$1,800 (weekdays) and TWD$2,200 (weekends or public holiday). Email them for reservation, you don’t have to pay an upfront payment but do remember to confirm your reservation again 7 days before your stay. They’ll have pick-up service from Hualien train station, so let them know your train arrival time.

Once arrived, we checked in to the guesthouse and the owner of the guesthouse will ask if you like to make any ground tour, there’ll be a full day trip or half day trip around Hualien and also full day tour to Taroko that they can arrange for you. We took the half day tour around Hualien with TWD$2,000 (RM200) for one car (can fit 5 people) and also one day tour to Taroko for TWD$1,000 (RM100) per person.


The half day tour:


Hualien city –> Jian Shrine –> Liyu Lake –> Promised Land Resort & Lagoon –> Lichuan Aquafarm –> Hualien city

吉安慶修院/Jian Shrine


鯉魚潭/Liyu Lake


理想大地/Promised Land Resort & Lagoon


立川漁場/Lichuan Aquafarm


Will update on the full day tour to Taroko on my next blog post! Do comment if you have any questions regarding the ground tour in Hualien. 🙂

If you want to do a One Day Trip from Taipei to Taroko only, you’ll find a useful transportation information here.


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