Myeongdong’s Dog Cafe


I’m a dog person, personally I have 3 dogs in my house, so Dog Cafe? Definitely a super yes place for me!! Initially I was supposed to go to Bau Haus which is the one 2NE1’s Minzy went and located in Hongdae, but by chance I saw a person holding a Dog Cafe banner so I just walked into it, therefore, for direction, I’ll have to do a research and get a good information from other blogger.

Direction from

You come out of exit 6, walk the usual way into the shopping area, take a left at Nature Republic, and then your first right, and you’ll see a giant red sign that says “강아지카페” up on your left – it’s on the 4th floor (unless they moved it by the time you read this).


So upon entering the cafe, you’ll come to a gate where you’ll have to pay 8,000 krw (approx. RM25) per person and you get to choose a drink. From then on, you are free to hang out and play with any dogs in the house! There’ll be a card on the table telling you the dog’s name and also which one to touch and which one not to touch.


The Afghan is the one which you’re not supposed to touch, so the dog happens to sleep beside our table and what we can do is just take adorable picture of these 2 big and small kids. All of the dogs are well behaved and the cafe’s people will clean the cafe once in a while for hygiene purpose.


Other than that, you’re free to play and take photos with which ever dogs that you love! There’s no time limit so you can pay 8,000 krw and be at the cafe for the whole day!


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