BIGBANG Japan Tour 2013-14 OSAKA


If you ever wonder why all KPOP bands love to organized concert tour in Japan, you have to be there once! I grant you, Japan concert is a must-go in your lifetime if you’re a die hard KPOP fans!

Yes, the ticket are ridiculously hard to get, it’s all about your L-U-C-K! What i mean here is literally your luck, not just you, but anyone who wanted to get the ticket including Japanese themselves.

Here’s an explanation for Japan Ticketing System:

First, get contact with anyone you know who lives in Japan! You can’t buy the ticket unless you have a Japan address, so what if I don’t have relatives or friends living in Japan?? DON’T WORRY, I got a good source of ticket agent which i will mentioned later on.

Second, the rules & regulations, the Japan ticketing system is a lottery system (now you get what i mean by your luck), you pay a small amount of money (e.g. 1,000 yen) and get to enter the lottery draw lots for pre-sale, there’ll be total of 3 lottery draw lots (I’m not sure it’s applicable for all concert or just BIGBANG)!

Third, you DON’T get to choose SEATS! No, it’s a lottery draw lot, you get whatever has been selected for you, but consider yourself lucky if you get one, trust me, even from far, you’ll definitely enjoy the concert!

Here’s the ticket agent I contacted with,, go to the website, search an inquiry regarding what concert/date/venue you want to go, and Alan will get back to you with the details, price/postage/charges. Alan is a very helpful guy, you can ask him anything regarding the concert, and he only charged abit for the service at about $15-25! This is the cheapest I can search for so far!


Alan will send the tickets to the hotel/guesthouse you stay!! It’s just so convenient right! With all the information you ever needed such as Seats number/row/time/venue written in English on a small note!

So this is Kyocera Dome, the one I went to in Osaka, BIGBANG final concert for Japan Dome Tour! If I ever have the time, I will definitely attend all 3 final concerts!!

1010466_10203276266651208_2134089902_nIt’s amazing seeing this big dome slowly filling up with fans and thousands of BIGBANG light sticks!!

1546408_10203276501217072_1802601552_nThe crowd will warm up (chanting) when the music start playing so you’ll eventually know how their chanting works with the songs…

1507792_10203325354758380_797200923_n 1505985_10203325353158340_1595714756_n 156545_10203325353518349_140657796_n

Play this video and you’ll know why it’s so amazing to go to concert together with Japanese, they sing ONE song during the waiting for encore!! It’s just way too a~ma~zing~~~


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