Danyang – Paragliding + Gosu Cave

I found out about Paragliding while I’m doing my research of what to do in Seoul and also Seoul Excursion, so I came across with Paragliding in Danyang. I started to search for the tour and I was brought to a site name ‘Meetup’.

This is the site for Danyang Paragliding.

I joined the meetup and contacted ‘Paraman’, the host of the Danyang Paragliding in meetup site. This is the website you can look for more information about the activity. If you’re interested in this activity, you can contact Paraman on his Facebook as well.

Do not hesitate to contact Paraman because and asked him anything about paragliding or about transportation getting to Danyang.

We started our day by 8am, getting to Dong Seoul Bus Station, purchased the 10am bus ticket for Danyang, and let Paraman knows the departure time of our bus so that he knows what time to picked us up from Danyang Bus Terminal. The bus fare is 13,300krw and the journey took about 2 hours 30 minutes. So it’s quite far from Seoul and if you wish to stay overnight in Danyang, let Paraman know, one of his colleague is running a small hotel in Danyang and you can probably get a good rate.

After picking us up, he went and sent off some previous ‘flyers’ to train station, and here we go, we’re on our way up to the mountain for our ‘tandem flight’.

As you may ask, is Winter good for paragliding, YEEEES for me!! Because I’m obsessed with WHITE, so I would like to discover Danyang covers with the snow.

Reached the mountain, dressed up and have a drink, we’re geared up! Went for a little lesson, so the lesson is ‘Look up & keep running! KEEP RUNNING! Don’t stop and Don’t sit down’! You’ll get it when you’re there. xD

And after the lesson, we’re ready to take off!

Price: 100,000 krw including a video shoot during your flight.

After paragliding, you have to choice of going to Gosu Cave, asked the drivers to dropped you off at Gosu Cave, we went for a walk inside the cave and after that, we walked our way back to the Bus Terminal.

We tried to get direction from the ticket counter and they asked us to grab a cab, they said it’s about 30 minutes walk, but as per what I got from Paraman, we can actually walk to the Bus Terminal from Gosu Cave. So we decided to exercise a bit more to make our day more productive, we walked! And guess what, the Bus Terminal wasn’t really far from Gosu Cave, it’s walkable and there’s a walk path beside the road and we save $$$ on taking cab! 😀

So if you’re up for a challenge, you should really try this! Go ahead and make an appointment with Paraman!! xD


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  1. Hilda says:

    Hi thank you for your informative post. We are planning to do this in 2 weeks. Do I still have to pay for the video if I have my own gopro?
    How long did u guys take in the cave?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi there, probably don’t need to pay if u can bring your own camera, but u better check with the agent, u can check funtastickorea.com for Danyang Paragliding tour as well. We spent around 1 hour in the cave.

  2. dearmemories says:

    hi can i check when u transfer the deposit to Paraman, who is the one paying for the agent bank charges? i am already for the service charge of SGD25..
    and also, is it possible to cab to the paragliding place from the bus terminal instead of engaging his service?
    thank you!

    1. I supposed you should be the one to paid the service charge

  3. dearnemories says:

    hi, can i check when u transfer the deposit to Paraman, who is the one paying for the agent bank charges?
    is it possible for me to cab from the bus terminal to the paragliding area?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello there, i didn’t make any deposit to Paraman, but I did give him a call when I was in Seoul to confirm with him I’m going & text him from time to time on Meetup.com regarding my bus schedule to Danyang.

      You dont have to take cab, Paraman will pick you up from the terminal but you need to let him know your bus departure time.

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