Japan Day 5 – Kobe|南京町


Speaking of Kobe, what most people could recall is just Kobe Beef(Wagyu), but Kobe is really more than just Kobe Beef. The city is as busy and hectic as Osaka! How to get to Kobe is pretty easy because there is a JR Kobe line, but remember to check the direction before you board on the train. From Osaka Loop Line, make a transfer at Osaka Station, this is a very huge and busy station with several cross train line, but look out for the signboard which is very clear for direction.


It took about 30 -45 minutes from Osaka Station to Kobe Station off peak hour. Once you alight from Kobe Station, again look for the Tourist Information Center. There are 3 ways to tour kobe:


I consider the City Loop Bus is one of the best option as the loop line is made specially for sightseeing spots. There are total of 12 or 14 stops if I’m not mistaken…you can hop on and off to whichever station you like. This is how the City Loop Bus look like…unique and special and easily spot!


The bus station which the Loop Bus stop at has the City Loop sign with the number of the stop as well, so basically you won’t get lost or missed out the bus station.


Out of the stops, Stop No. 10 which is Kitano Ijinkan is one of most popular stop. You’ll probably spend a couple of hours exploring this place so I would suggest you to make your first stop here. From No.10 Bus Stop, once you alight, you’ll see a sightseeing signboard like this:


So these are the popular places which you can walk and wander around. This place has a lot of unique and nice cafe and buildings.


1525730_10203282232440349_1557436729_n 1551661_10203269699767040_475273065_n


The next stop after Kitano Ijinkan is Chinatown, the place where full of Chinese foods & you can find Kobe Beef Burger here!


A fully chinese style decorations place! Even the vending machine!


There is also a few more stops which is quite interesting, but since I don’t have much time to explore the city because I went to Kobe kinda late I missed out! WARNING: Be there early!! I mean it! 🙂


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  1. Shini Lola says:

    I just went there few months back! Should really revisit. =)

  2. will try to visit on next year!!!bookmark the post first for my future use!!

  3. Rawlins Glam says:

    This information will come in handy when I visit Kobe next September. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  4. I hope to get here someday… this will definitely be one of the blogs I refer to… thanks for all the awesome posts..

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