Japan Day 7 – Kanazawa to Tokyo

Kanazawa to Tokyo by train took approximately 4 hours with 1 transit.

By daytime trains:
Take the JR Hakutaka limited express from Kanazawa to Echigo-Yuzawa, then transfer to JR Joetsu Shinkansen from Echigo-Yuzawa Station to Tokyo. The one way trip takes about four hours and costs about 7,570 yen (Non-reserved seats).

TIP: Get the reserved seat if you have the extra money, because the JR Hakutaka from Kanazawa to Echigo-Yuzawa might not be pack but you’ll be surprised when you board on JR Joetsu Shinkansen from Echigo-Yuzawa to Tokyo, it’s REALLY PACK!!

Also to note that, when you arrived in Tokyo Station, REMEMBER to keep your train ticket with you!!

Yes, you’ll be holding 2 train tickets:


I didn’t realized that I was still inside of the big station as I arrived in Tokyo Station, and finally I found out that ‘Tokyo Ward Area’ means that you can board on any train from Tokyo Station to other station.

For example, I’m going to Shinjuku Station, therefore, after alighted from the train, I’ll have to look for JR Shinjuku train and board on the train to my final destination without buying any extra ticket.

The place I stayed in Shinjuku was a nightmare, I found this place through Air Bnb, not to say this is my first attempt on Air Bnb, and I probably won’t book through Air Bnb anymore. The place I stayed is not near to JR Shinjuku station, I’ll have to transit to the metro to reach Higashi-Shinjuku station (the place I stayed), which later I found out that the apartment was actually rent out for long term tenant, which means they don’t have good facilities available for travelers such as ‘clean toilet, clean bedroom, proper kitchen etc.’, hence, I suggest to find hotel or guesthouse which has proper facilities for travelers.

K’s House is a good choice for backpackers travelling not only in Tokyo, they’ve got several branches as well and I got a good review from my family for their pleasant stay in Tokyo & Kyoto.

Another option which I stayed in Tokyo is YHA Central Youth Hostel, yes if you get discounted price if you’re one of YHA member.

Both K’s House and YHA is in a good location, but the only bad comment on YHA is the curfew at 11p.m., AH~, as a tourist, this is really what you don’t want to tie down to.

NOTE: Tokyo is really a big and busy city with several JR trains line and metro line, but if you’ve done enough of your study on the train, you’ll eventually figure it out after 1 or 2 days stay. Also not to forget to check out Tokyo Metro 1 day pass!


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