A Trip to G-Dragon’s Dolce Vita Pension in Pocheon

It’s every VIP’s dream to visit the pension owned by G-Dragon’s father which located at Pocheon, a landlocked city in the far northeastern region of Gyeonggi province in South Korea.

The journey from Seoul to Pocheon takes about 1 hour by bus.

So how to get to Pocheon from Seoul:

Get to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal via the metro, is located at GangByeon Station, Line 2, Exit 4.

At Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, get a bus ticket at the counter to ildong (일동), it’s a bus to Pocheon, so you’ll have to get down when the driver announced ‘ildong’, or to be sure, just let the driver know where you’re heading when you get on board.

Upon arriving in ildong bus terminal, if you don’t have any phone to ring Dolce Vita, there’s a public phone just few meters away from the place you alight. You should be able to see the public phone on your left if you’re facing the building (not the main road).

Ring the pension & mention pick up at Lotteria, so what’s next is wait at Lotteria! And……if you’re lucky, JiYong Appa (GD’s Dad) will actually comes and pick you up! Wait for about 10 minutes, the transfer is Free of Charge.

And YES, Jiyong Appa did come and pick us up, so on the way to the pension, Jiyong appa stopped by a supermarket and did a grocery shopping with us for our BBQ dinner.


After grocery shopping, we hopped back to the car and continue the journey to the pension. On our way, since I sit at the front seat next to Jiyong Appa, we had a little chat, so I asked “Are you Jiyong Appa?” and he seems very happy that I can recognized him. So then Jiyong Appa asked me something about our rooms, as we are only 5 peoples (initially 6), so we booked 3 rooms & Jiyong Appa is suggesting something amazing for us!

Jiyong Appa: “Do you know G-Crayon Room?”

Me: “YES! I do!”

Jiyong Appa: “G-Crayon has 2 rooms, Jiyong’s room can sleep 3 and the other room can sleep 2, so all of you can fit in G-Crayon”

TRUST ME! At the moment I literally shout out “Jin-Ja?” (which means really in Korean)

Jiyong Appa: Laugh again…says “Jinja? Really, you all can stay at G-Crayon”

Then a sudden call back to reality again I continue with “It’s so expensive……….” Sigh~ (Indeed, It is expensive at about 800,000krw per night & allowed only 2 pax as stated in the website)

Then Jiyong Appa: “Noonoo…you still pay the same for the 3 rooms.”

I must be flushing & f*cking flying high that time and I don’t remember at all how I responded to Jiyong appa.

THIS IS F*CKING G-CRAYON ROOM! The containers on top shows the master bedroom & another bedroom. 

So here, YES, I’m showing off the G-Crayon room that I get to stayed in!

The key to G-크레용 (G-Crayon) room.   

Let me welcome you for a little tour at G-Crayon’s Room.

The Classy Living Room (which I don’t even want to calculate how much it cost to have such living room).


NEXT, ta~daaa~~the room of G-Dragon a.k.a Kwon Ji Yong a.k.a The Leader of BIGBANG.   

Don’t even try to imagine GD slept in this bed before…no…just don’t! xD

NEXT, a stroll around Dolce Vita Pension. 

and the cute JOLIE!! (But she’s fierce)


I really wanted to take them for a walk, but it seems like it’s too cold for them to go for a walk and Jiyong appa told us that Gaho was sicked. T^T

I’m not so sure if this is Maru? But I guess he is Maru as he’s always wandering around G-Crayon.


Not to forget (like us) that Dolce Vita Pension provides FREE Breakfast.


So we wake up pretty late the next day & when we headed to the cafe, Kwon’s Auntie is actually in the mid of cleaning the cafe.

She asked if we had our breakfast & we said no, she’s a bit shocked & explained to us about the foods & left the cafe.

The Cafe.  

The famous piano that appeared in ‘WHO YOU’ Music Video.


And a good spot for taking a picture with G-DRAGON.


The cafe even have GD x Taeyang photobooks etc. 

You can enjoy your breakfast with little GD. I seriously couldn’t imagine someone who is not a fan of GD or knows nothing about him to visit this place, definitely freak out by all these standee & posters. 😂 

There are little tiny things that caught my attentions in the cafe too!   

I wonder if those lorries are gifts from JVIP?

TIP: Don’t be shy to take picture with Jiyong Appa as he really has no camera shy & he’s more than happy to take a picture with you.

Can you imagine how much efforts it takes to actually leave this bed? T^T


Next, check out my short visit to Pocheon’s Herb Islands from Dolce Vita Pension.


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