BALI 5D4N Less than RM1,000 – No Excuse for not travelling!

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Before I start this post, I must confess that I traveled to quite a few places in 2015, but what’s stopping you when flight ticket is so f*ckin cheap & affordable by Air Asia?

Let me show you how cheap is the flight ticket offer by Air Asia:

The flight ticket I bought ONE MONTH ahead for 2 pax is                         RM 732.16.

It’s only RM 366.08 per pax for a RETURN trip to Bali from Kuala Lumpur. 2016-01-26 16-49-31

So if you KIASU a bit, you can also buy the flight ticket ONE YEAR ahead during Air Asia FREE SEATS Sale.


When you see this, DO NOT HESITATE and head to the website!

TIPS: Do prepare a few traveling dates and keep searching until you found the LOWEST FARE that matches your travel dates!

So this is the breakdown for 5 Pax return trip tickets I bought LAST YEAR FEBRUARY.

RM 1,444 for 5 pax!

Which means RM 1,444 / 5 = RM 288.80 per pax!

Yes, you heard me right, a freaking return trip. It takes you to Bali & bring you back to KL for less than RM300! 😛 2016-01-26 15-49-16

Of course, you have to know how to pack light because all of this price doesn’t include check in Baggage, so you have 7KG to pack (which is pretty good for a 5 days trip)!


NEXT, Transportation in BALI.

Frankly, I was a bit shock to find out that you can actually travel in car for a very very affordable price in Bali!

For ONE Car that fits 1-6 people (rate as in January 2016):

Airport Transfer 1 way: IDR 150,000 = < RM 47 2016-01-26 17-15-26
Currency date as 26/1/2016
1 day tour 8 hours: IDR 400,000 = < RM 124

This price covers for Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud, and to Kintamani Volcano too! 2016-01-26 17-15-57
Currency date as 26/1/2016
1 day tour to Lovina is IDR 500,000 = < RM 155 2016-01-26 17-17-54
Currency date as 26/1/2016

Let’s take RM 155 per day divided by 6 is ONLY RM 25.83 per person!
Driver Contact: Darvis
Whatsapp him at
+62 813 3772 2388         or        +62 878 6194

You can mention you’re Baz’s friend if you want to!                             **But no special discount. xD

AirBnb & is always my choice of hotel booking.

For a decent hotel stay you will only have to spend less than RM150 for 1 room per night! 2016-01-26 17-35-21

And of course if you’re travelling in GROUP, try to search for a villa or bungalow in AirBnb.

Price range from RM 62 – RM700 or more for 6 PAX. 2016-01-26 17-41-59

Sign up as a member of AirBnb today & get RM86 credit!



Can you believe that you can actually travel less than RM1,000 for 5D4N in Bali? Breakdown for 4 person travelling in a group:

Flight —–> RM 300

Hotel —–> RM50 x 4 nights = RM 200

Transport —–> RM 45 x 5 days = RM 225

TOTAL: RM 725 per person

So yea, you don’t really have to be rich to travel! You just have to plan smart!


29 thoughts on “BALI 5D4N Less than RM1,000 – No Excuse for not travelling!

  1. Correct. Bali is not very expensive o very much 🙂 I feel Bali is okay and nice relax place. We just spend RM 800 in Bali only 😉 Not reach RM1000. Don’t book the expensive hotel near beach, jus look for the reasonable hotel. 🙂

  2. Amazing deals.. I like… I always travel like this also… hehehe my back packing trip to Siem Reap to Bangkok and then to Koh Samui for about the same length of time only cost me about RM800…

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