Jeju Island where to stay? Sum Guesthouse is the answer!

It was really a last minute decision to plan a visit to Jeju Island after BIGBANG Concert in Seoul.

As we all VIP know, the leader Kwon Ji Yong has opened a Cafe in Jeju Island last May,  and it was a very very very good reason for me to visit the island once again!

So I went on checking the air fare and it was really a good deal with just less than 50,000krw (Approx. RM350) for a round trip from Seoul!


I was wondering where should I stay in Jeju Island – Seogwipo? Aewol? Jeju City?

So the answer is Jeju City! Let me tell you why.

Travelling around Jeju Island is pretty time consuming even if you’re driving too! It took at least an hour to travel from one town to another town. So why not staying in the Central?


Sum Guesthouse located near to Jeju Airport which is the Jeju City, and what’s best about the location is that, the guesthouse is just few minutes away from Jeju City Bus Terminal!!

If you plan on a budget trip by taking local bus, no doubt this is the place you should consider! With all the language barrier, at least you know every bus heading back to the final station which is the bus terminal.


Hit this link here: JEJU SUM GUESTHOUSE

Sum Guesthouse is a very spacious guesthouse as compared to most guesthouse in Seoul, and the facilities are really complete (especially for girls!)

The common area & the reception


The 8-Beds Female Dormitory


The 8-dormitory room is more spacious than I thought of.

Every bunk bed gets a personal small cabinet which is really really thoughtful.

The so called ‘beauty desk’ is just outside the room beside the bathroom.

There are 2 dormitories sharing 1 space, so 2 bathrooms are shared between 2 dormitories.

From the hallway to bathroom to the dormitory room, everything is very clean & proper. 😍


The breakfast is quite usual as other guesthouse which is Bread, Egg, Juice etc.

One thing to highlight is that the Ramen is FREE too! 😱😱😱


SUM TOUR Services

SUM Guesthouse offers Private Car Rental services too! The rate is really good if you have 4 persons sharing, it’s just 130,000krw/day (RM 455), much cheaper than renting a car on your own and don’t have to worry about losing your way to sightseeing places.

Another interesting tour offer by Sum Guesthouse is the night view tour!

Overall, it was really a pleasant stay in Jeju Sum Guesthouse, I’m not hardselling here but it was the best out of all the guesthouses I stayed this tip to South Korea! ☺️☺️

TIPS For travelling in Jeju Island by local bus:

Remember to bring along your T-Money card, if not you can get the card at any convenient stores in Jeju Island too!


23 thoughts on “Jeju Island where to stay? Sum Guesthouse is the answer!

  1. Staying at a guesthouse would definitely decrease the cost of travelling. The place looks really decent too. Jeju Island sure is a great place to visit

  2. I have been to Jeju Island, went there long time ago
    It’s really a lovely place.
    I bet, many things changed,
    and I heard about GD’s cafe is opened over there as well o(OoO)o

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