Descendants of The Sun drama filming location in Greece

Since my last visit to Greece in December 2015, I were told by the local, people always know Greece because of the popular islands such as Santorini or Mykonos and also the Acropolis in Athens but honestly Greece has more than that, and of course not to forget the amazing Meteora in Kalambaka too!

Greek sovereign land includes 6,000 islandsand islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which only 227 islands are inhabited. This is a truly unique phenomenon for the European continent.


I love the blue calm Aegean Sea, the beautiful sea between the mainlands of Greece and Turkey. But until I watched Descendants of The Sun – the popular Korean Melodrama in the present time, I finally believe that I should definitely go back to Greece again, this time, for the Ionian Sea! Thanks to the drama!

Guess all the drama fans are familiar with the Shipwreck scene right? I were first tempted to find out about the filming location after this scene!

It was one of the island in Ionian Sea – Zakynthos!

1) Zakynthos

Zakynthos is an island located in the west part of the country in the Ionian Sea and it is a very popular tourist destination. The island is well known for its beautiful cliffs, caves and crystal clear beaches, one of which is used as a filming location. Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach) is named after a smuggling vessel which washed ashore and has been a permanent feature there since 1982. According to local news portal, Zante Press 24, writer Kim Eun-sook took a special liking to the island and this beach in particular during a past visit. The portal also reports that the Zakynthos municipality and its mayor, Pavlos Kolokotsas are in close contact and cooperation with the drama’s production.

2) Arachova


Familiar enough? The scene where Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong Ki) drives Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye Kyo) and later on confronted the UN guy.

Arachova is a mountain town in mainland Greece. Due to its location near the capital city of Athens and its proximity to the Parnassos Ski Center, the town is a very visited location during winter. It is also only 10km away from the archeological site of Delphi, widely known as the site of the Pythia oracles, who were priestesses of Apollo. Local Arachova blogger Efi Stergiou covered the drama’s filming in her blog Ntefi. According to miss Stergiou, the crew filmed there on the 5th and 6th of October and Greek actors were also part of the scenes. The blogger has shot an exclusive video of the drama’s chosen locations, including a short clip from a scene filming.

3) Lemnos

Lemnos is an island in the northern Aegean Sea. Due to its flat geography and volcanic origins, the island has many easily accessible beaches, rich soil and special local produce. Lemnos has great archeological importance and this includes the ruins of Poliochne, which is considered as one of the oldest organized settlements in Europe. Lemnos has a variety of unique locations, such as its salt lake, which attracts flamingos and other migratory birds. The sand dunes of Gomati is another point of interest, often earning it the title of ‘Sahara of Lemnos’. According to local news portal and radio station, Limnos FM 100, ‘Descendants of the Sun‘ will be filming there, as well as in other areas of the island, including its capital harbor town of Myrina. The municipality as well as local home owners are reportedly working with the production.

Watch also the Greece local news about the drama filming

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  1. hana says:

    im curious about the main building in this drama, did you know where it is?

    1. Hi hana, the main building in this drama is in South Korea, you can visit those places, check out the post by Funtastic Korea:

  2. Leona says:

    oh was it in Greece? So beautiful the place right, guess it’s not as hot as they acted it out to be

  3. Such beautiful place for shooting! So nice.. Hope to be t here someday!

  4. Isaac Tan says:

    beautiful.. i know greece is beautiful, but now with your pictures it’s superb!

  5. shubhadabhide says:

    Greece has loads of places for tourists looks like. I knew only a few from your list. And the sea is so beautiful

  6. Wow Greece has all the beautiful and romantic place for shooting and also sight seeing. I wish I can visit there one day.

  7. Greece is so beautiful and I like the blue ocean at Zakynthos.

  8. sinyees says:

    Great place to visit. However, I didn’t watch this drama. =\

  9. Sharon Lee says:

    The place looks superb! hehe I was hooked up with this drama hehe!

  10. Sebrinah Yeo says:

    Greece… Love that place! The pictures all over the internet so mesmerizing! You make me wanna watch this kdrama laaaaa

  11. Elana Khong says:

    All those amazing places. Surely my in travel bucket list.

  12. choogengqian says:

    really beautiful! i have heard about the drama, but haven’t gotten time to watch. thanks for the post – i have another motivation to watch the drama already. haha.

  13. such a great place to visit, I haven’t noticed about this place before

  14. Shereena says:

    Added in my bucket list! Beautiful

  15. Those Places look amazing!!!! Just Stunning

  16. ohfishiee says:

    im sure every part of greece is worth visiting! 🙂 just that the poor economy makes the country less favourable than its neighbours

  17. Rane Chin says:

    its a dream destination. every places there is sooo pretty!

  18. Miriam says:

    The photos look so gorgeous! The drama definitely made everyone wish to travel there!

  19. Farena says:

    Love the pictures in your post. I have only been to Rhodes in Greece but had a fabulous time there. Oh to be back again ..

  20. This should be in my travel list! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. I knew about nGreece when I was studying the history. Wow that’s just so nice to know about their culture and scenery over there. I feel like I’m having a bright future if I can visit this place someday. I wish I can stay in Zakynthos. Hu away from the metropolitan city. Thanks for this awesome entry !

  22. sherrygo says:

    wow looks like nice place to go.
    Didn’t know of this until I read your blog post.

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