Printcious – Personalised your gifts!

As every one knows I’m a huge fan of BIGBANG and I am looking at this website > which provides personalised items such as cushions, mugs, t-shirt etc. to customised a car cushion and T-shirt…of course with G-Dragon’s face on it! 😛


The hard time of choosing the correct gift or presents when it comes to friend’s birthday or wedding is a real struggle! But to be honest, who doesn’t like customised gifts especially the one with their names or pictures on it, it’s much more precious as it’s ONE and ONLY right?

Printcious offers a list of products, these are the featured products that you can find on the website: 2016-04-07 11-18-00.jpg

From T-Shirts to mugs to cushions and phone cases! Most importantly, we know all of these are gifts won’t go wasted!

Moreover, you can CUSTOMISED all these gifts too!

Customising all these items are not that difficult and tricky, it’s as easy as uploading the images you want and put in the text, that’s it!

So from the product page, you can see a blue button that says Customise It, click on Customise It: 2016-04-07 11-21-54

Then, you will be redirect to the editing page, click on Add Image to upload your own image and add text for whatever text you wish to put: 2016-04-07 11-22-12

Adjust the image and text to your desired position: 2016-04-07 11-27-28

Then, click DONE! And ta-daaah: 2016-04-07 11-27-43

“ – Precious Gifts From Your Heart”

It really mean it when it says Precious Gifts from Your Heart the moment your starts customising the gifts, you put your effort on it right? Give not just an ordinary gift, shows your love through the effort you put on customising the ONE & ONLY extraordinary gift for your loves one!

Okay, right now I’m thinking of getting all BIGBANG 5 members’ cushions for my new car! *grin


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