TOP 10 sights that BIGBANG-VIPs must visit in Jeju Island!

When other people talk about Jeju Island…is always about that Sunrise Peak, the beach or the seafoods bla bla bla…

But sightseeing in Jeju Island is very simple for VIP, we just wanted to visit the places where BIGBANG members hang out, the place they filmed their music video and most importantly, none other than the awesome cafe that owned by the leader G-Dragon!

TOP 1 – Jeju Shinhwa World, Landing Resort

1) Untitled, 2017 – cafe designed by G-Dragon

Another pretty cafe by G-Dragon, just right in the heart of Jeju Shinhwa World, Landing Resort. It was launched just right before GD enlisted to army, hence, it’s the right timing for VIPs to plan a trip to visit beautiful Jeju before their big comeback.

2) AC.III.T Bowling Pub, designed by G-Dragon

If you ever get the chance to visit Jeju Shinhwa World, don’t miss out the chance to see the coolest bowling pub ever. I would rather say it’s like an art museum by artist – KWONJIYONG.


From Jeju City by Public Bus:

From Jeju International Airport:

Jeju Shinhwa World provides free shuttle bus service from Jeju International Airport, so it’s easy to get there.

TOP 2 – Play K-POP

Play K-pop is something similar to K-Live in Dongdaemun but this one in Jeju is a bigger scale.

Admission Fees
Adults (ages 18 & above): Individual 15,000krw /Group 13,000krw
Teenagers (age 13-18): 13,000 won / Group 11,000 won
Children (ages3-12): 12,000 won / Group 10,000 won

With 15,000krw ticket, you get to stay in the place for 3 hours! There are a lot of activities to do in the 3-floored building. You get to take picture with BIGBANG, 2NE1, PSY etc.

You also get to do a recording with artists, take hell lots of photos. And almost everything is interactive!

Available Facilities
– Hologram concert hall
– Live 360 video – ‘Replay the music’
– ‘Go on a date with a celebrity’
– ‘I am a star ‘
– Special exhibition

NOTE: There will be hologram concerts as well, but please be aware of the timetable if you plan to watch certain artists’ hologram concert.


From Jeju International Airport, take Airport Bus 600.
Get off at Korea Tourism Organization Jeju Branch. It’s about 400-500m walk from KTO Jeju, just get the direction from the consultants inside KTO office.

TOP 3 – Donsadon (돈사돈) BBQ Restaurant

This is the restaurant whereby all YG artists including YG papa often visit and is like a favourite hangout place for G-Dragon too! He will visit and have dinner in this restaurant everytime he visit Jeju Island.

Undeniably, the black pork is really good! And the lady boss including the son is such a nice and kind people.

There’s no easy way to get to Donsadon, it’s either you drive there or you get on a cab because the location is not in any of the main streets in Jeju City. But most of the cab would know about this restaurant as it’s a popular restaurant in Jeju City, if it’s difficult to communicate with taxi driver, just show them the picture.

돈사돈 제주본관

Address: 3086-3 Nohyeong-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea

TOP 4 – Hyeopjae Beach

Hyeopjae Beach is the beach where BIGBANG filmed their music video for We Like To Party. All of these scenes are so familiar once you get to the beach! Between, did I mentioned the beach is really nice?


From Jeju to Hyeopjae Beach:
1. From Jeju Airport, take bus No. 100/200 or taxi (about 2000won) → Get off at Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal. → Transfer to an intercity bus that runs on Il-ju Road to the west → Get off at Hanrim Park (first bus 5:40, last bus 9:00 / 20 min interval / travel time: 45mins.)

2. Take a taxi at Jeju Cross-country Bus Terminal (travel time: 35-40 mins.)

TOP 5 – Seong Eup Land 성읍랜드

Ppung Ppung Kart Club

Ppung Ppung Kart Club is one of the activities in Seong Eup Land, it’s also one of the place where BIGBANG filmed their music video for We Like to Party too!

But in Seong Eup Land, you can ride a horse too. Seong Eup Land has been operating for 30 years so it’s widely known in Jeju. Other than horse riding and go kart, you can ride an ATV as well.


Base course 11,000won Less than 5 minutes.
(With a child, additional cost 5,000won.)
Strolling course 25,000won Less than 10~15 minutes.
(With a child, additional cost 7,000won.)
Deajangum(Korean drama) course 35,000won Less than 15~20 minutes.
(With a child, additional cost 10,000won.)
Tracking 30 minutes course 60,000won
Tracking 1 hour course 120,000won

Base course 25,000won 10~15 minutes.
(With a child, additional cost 10,000won. With an adult, additional cost 15,000won )
Tour course 50,000won Less than 30 minutes
(With a child, additional cost 20,000won. With an adult, additional cost 30,000won )
Long distance course 100,000won Less than 60 minutes

Single 25,000 won
double-one adult + one child : 35,000 won
two dault : 40,000 won


By Bus: From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal take 502 – Get off at Namseagwang town – Take 720 bus – Get off Baseme station – From bus station 20 minutes on foot.

TOP 6 – Bomnal Coffee (Next to Monsant) 

“Cafe & Guesthouse Bomnal”, located right in front of Handam Beach, Jeju, you can enjoy the sea view all day. Run as a guesthouse as well as a cafe, you can rest and drink coffee at “Cafe & Guesthouse Bomnal”.

Every night, the cafe holds a beer party, if you want to engage, it costs only 10,000 KRW for unlimited beer!

The guesthouse is composed of dormitory rooms for 4-6 people, so rather than a quiet travel, this place is recommended for travelers who are active and outgoing.

This place appears as Mendorong Ttottot (맨도롱또똣) restaurant in drama Warm & Cozy starred by Yoo Yeonseok and Kang Sora. The place is also filmed for “Thank You (SBS)”, starred by a popular singer of “Big Bang”, “G-Dragon”.

Direction: Please refer to direction to Monsant! (It’s just beside the entrance to Monsant)

TOP 7 – Hanwha Aqua Planet Jeju

Aqua Planet Jeju boasts the largest aquarium facility among East Asian countries. Housing over 5,000 marine creatures from domestic regions and abroad, the Jeju branch is a highly recommended place to visit for all, especially for family visitors.

Admission / Participation Fees
Adults (ages 19 and older) 39,200 won
Teenagers (ages 13-18) & Seniors (ages 65 and older) 37,500 won
Children (ages 3-12) 35,600 won

* Aqua Planet admission ticket includes Aquarium, Ocean Arena, and Marine Science.
* Admission to the 3D Theater is not included in the prices.

This is the place where G-Dragon filmed “Thank You (SBS)” too!

Address: 282 Hallyuwoldeu-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


This is the place where they filmed We Like To Party, but it’s a luxurious villa!!

You can make the reservation here:


THE CASTLE VILLA is the one where they filmed the music video. Is the pool familiar enough??


Indeed, is a very very very nice villa to stay in but the price is equally nice too. >.<”


TOP 9 – Woljeongri Beach

Jeju is all about We Like 2 Party for VIPs! Our recent search for another VIP must-visit: Woljeongri Beach!

It’s such a beautiful beach that even non-VIP should visit here, there are a lot of nice & pretty cafes along the beach which you may enjoy scenic views and chillax.

TOP 10 – G-Dragon’s Cafe

카페 애월 몽상 (Cafe Aewol d Monsant)

*No longer owned by G-Dragon, but it’s still worth a visit to this pretty cafe.

The cafe is beautifully situated beside a beach called Aewol, nicely designed and decorated!

If you sit outside of the cafe, you can feel the sea with breezes but when it’s too windy, the windows’ doors will be closed.


The price range is the same as normal cafe price, drink from 3,000krw and above.

This should be something familiar for all VIPs, and something that really precious that we would bring home as a souvenir too! 😛


From Jeju International Airport
Take Express City Bus 38 > Transfer at Wolrang Entrance, take Intercity Bus 702 , 950 , 966 > Take off at Handamdong Bus Stop

Take Express City Bus 37 > Transfer at Wolrang Elementary School, take Intercity Bus 702 , 950 , 966 > Take off at Handamdong Bus Stop



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