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Get cashback while booking your hotel stay? WHY NOT! Whether you believe it or not, but yes, you can get your hotel booking cashback from ShopBack!

When you’re traveling on budget, you look for hotel promotions and sometimes for me, I look for credit card cashback and discount coupons, and what’s good about ShopBack is that, you can earn EXTRA CASHBACK on top of your Credit Card’s cashback too!


Nevertheless, with ShopBack, you get cashback on top of coupons as well!

Not only just for hotels, ShopBack has cashback for all your TRAVEL plans including airlines as well as tour packages, I would say it’s really one of the best sites for earning online cashback.

You can check out what’s available for cashback from their site here.

shopback cashback airlines travel

Other than travel, ShopBack rewards cashback for most of all major online shopping platforms such as Groupon, Lazada, Hermo etc. These are all the cashback I’d earned so far, I’ve got cashback from my groupon’s purchases, hermo and also

shopback cashback

How exactly does ShopBack work?

Merchants reward ShopBack with a commission for referring you to shop on their site. But instead of keeping the rewards all to themselves, ShopBack share the rewards with you!


You can track your shopback’s rewards on their website and the rewards you get will be transfer directly to your personal bank account!

Find all your online shopping cashback from ShopBack today:

Enjoy the best Groupon deals and promo codes!

AND don’t missed out the Father’s Day Sales, during sale period you will earn more cashback as the cashback percentage is higher, so head over to the site and sign up!

Get RM5 for FREE upon making your first purchase!

^Hit the link and sign up today!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. imsinnee says:

    Nice to know this! will try this out on my next vaca!

  2. Sin Nee says:

    Nice to know this! Going to try it out on my next vaca!

  3. Amanda Saw says:

    Interesting. I’ll try booking a hotel from here for my next vacation.

  4. Rane Chin says:

    Ah lovely! I am going to book my hotels in next vacation through this app.

  5. sayaiday says:

    I love cashback, I used to get RM50 when I booking using agoda. I should try booking with after this. hehehe

  6. I have been using shopback for all my shopping and booking. It certainly give it back!

  7. Xin A Day says:

    I love to use this website when I bought something online~ It helps me to save and earn some money at the same time~

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