November Winter in Santorini – owned the island!

Most people would probably avoid traveling to Santorini during winter time as you can’t wear bikini or take your bikini shots, but to me, that’s not really that important, I would rather have the leisure time in the island without thousands of tourists at the same time, and the essential part is SAVE MONEY!

Everything can be so much cheaper in Winter as compared to summer which is why I really loves traveling in winter time. 😀

fira oia santorini greece wanderlust

Important things to take note traveling in Santorini during Winter:

  1. Most shops & hotels in Oia doesn’t operate in Winter period
  2. Weather can be really unpredictable
  3. Shorter daytime
  4. Can’t swim at the beach

But if all of these doesn’t sounds like a matter to you, then the PROS of traveling during Winter:

  1. Cheaper hotel rate
  2. Less tourists
  3. Still get beautiful scenery!

Oia or Fira to stay?

Oia is a popular tourist town for the famous sunset and caldera view and Fira is the capital town which is much closer to the airport.


Hotels in Oia is much more expensive than Fira as I mentioned before it’s a popular tourist destination and nonetheless the foods & restaurants will be much more expensive as well.

So, I decided to stayed at Fira!

The hotel that I stayed is Aroma Suites, which is nicely located at the heart of Fira, within walking distance you will get to the town area and shopping area as well as the port.

Aroma Suites

aroma suite fira oia santorini greece wanderlust

The Vanilla Cave House Suite : 2 to 5 guests

aroma suites fira santorini aroma suites fira santorini

The suite is really nice even though we don’t get sea view from the window but we get really nice balcony once we go out from the suite! This is exactly the view!

aroma suite santorini fira

A Must – The walk from Fira to Oia (10 km)!

If you’re really an adventurous yet with good stamina, I will definitely recommend the walk between this two towns, it’s the most amazing 3 hours walk along the caldera!

From the town, all you have to do is keep the caldera sea view on your left and sometimes you may find signs like this:

fira oia santorini greece wanderlust

And at one part you may have to walk on the main road and then go back to the trail again.

fira oia santorini greece wanderlust

What are the best sights you will see along this 10km walk?

This is a balcony? We saw it during the trek, it’s a chilling place outside of the houses along the caldera, it just way too amazing to not stop here for a shot.

fira oia santorini greece wanderlust

Another amazing pit stop for a beautiful scenery and photo!

fira oia santorini greece wanderlust

This is one of the church that you definitely won’t be able to see if you don’t do the trek.

fira oia santorini greece wanderlust

This is how the trail looks like, yes, from the end point that I pointed, we started the trek and the point I’m standing is half of the 10km journey.

fira oia santorini greece wanderlust

After spending about 3 hours trekking from Fira to Oia, we rested at a cafe in Oia again with spectacular view over the Aegean sea.

Oia santorini greece

This is what best about traveling during winter, ‘tourist-less’ spot to take photos!

Oia santorini greece

Sunset at Firostefani

Oia santorini greece firostefani sunset

What other sights on the island you can visit by hiring a driver or rent a car:

  1. Red Beach/Black Beach
  2. Firostefani
  3. Akrotiri Excavation
  4. Santo Wines
  5. Pyrgos Village

Black Beach

The black beach, which is really empty in Winter season but fully crowded in Summer time!

Oia santorini greece black beach

You can easily visit all these sights in one day but to be honest, you need more time if you really want to explore each places, especially if you’re going to travel by the local bus then you’re tied to the bus timetable.

I really enjoy the walk around the towns even though most shops are closed, but less crowd which means I can really chill and relax at any cafe in town!

Oia santorini greece

Whether to go to Santorini or not during WINTER? My answer is YES! 😀


30 Comments Add yours

  1. CJ Lim says:

    Hi, I know it is kinda late comment but it means you page still alive and helping those wanderer! I will be going to Greece on January and due to the winter, many said I am crazy if I visit Santorini in Winter. Is that true? I only have 7 days there. Therefore, I plan to switch Athens and Santorini to Athens and Rome only. Do you think it is an ideal plan? Or I am still possible to enjoy nice scenery of Winter Santorini?

    1. Wander Baz says:

      Weather in winter can be sunny or rainy but it won’t be heavy downpours, it’s quite windy but generally scenery & scenic views won’t change, it’s not crowded at all just a lot of shops are closed in Oia, but still you can stay in their main town – Fira town, not an issue to get foods in Fira

  2. Christos Georgantzos says:

    for travellers to santorini here is a weather guide that will help you plan the perfect vacation there.

  3. Sabrina Martinez says:

    I love your blog!!!
    Because I go in January 😀

    1. Wander Baz says:

      Have fun in Santorini!

  4. eteph says:

    Hi 🙂 very nice review 🙂 if I may know.. which month did you go? Were the public transport (ferry/flight to Santorini, bus @ the island) are still good in the winter?

    1. Hi there, I traveled to Santorini end of November, flight to & bus @ the island are available, but ferry only run through summer season until end of Sept or Oct, as the weather condition is unstable during winter.

      1. eteph says:

        Hi! thanks for your answer. I should have out my question better :p I didnt see that you put Novmeber on the title :p Sorry for that.
        I am planning to go to Greece between 20-30 November. Was thinking to include 2 islands on the journey (Sanotrini and 1 other), but it seems that to go to other island I need to go through Athens again -_- As you said that the ferry is not running.
        Weather is not really my concern (maybe I’ll got lucky of good weather.. you never know these days) and I bet Santorini will still be pretty with gray sky 😉 But what I’m afraid is that a lot of the restaurants & accommodations are close and a lot of reviews said it looks pretty deserted in the winter. And I’ll be going for someone who doest eat cheese and milk derivative which makes eating a difficult time :p
        From your review I get the feeling that you didnt have problem with that. Is it true?

        Thanks a lot!

      2. Yea, I don’t have problem with looking for foods at all, you can stay at Thira which is the main town, there are plenty of restaurants in the morning & night, Oia is particularly empty to visit so it’s really really chill & relax~~~

  5. After reading this I feel like going to Santorini this winter. The scene are so romantic and beautiful.

  6. Isaac Tan says:

    i wish i had your experience! i wanna travel too oh.. hehe

  7. Shini Lola says:

    Amazing! My sister got proposed at there! Hopefully can travel there soon.

  8. Betty Liew says:

    The place really nice. I don’t know whether I can survive in cool weather. I love the blue sky and scenery is beautiful.

  9. Leona says:

    it’s so beautiful, Fira is a great choice, even lots of celebs like to go there but usually summertime. i wonder how cold is the winter tho, somemore can track for 10km must be bearable.

  10. Rawlins Glam says:

    Would love to do the winter-holiday but am so tak tahan with the icy temp hahaha
    Do agree with you that you will get the places to yourself as compared to summer time

  11. Shubhada says:

    This place looks so magical. Seen many times in movies. Glad that you could visit it.

  12. Ivy Kam says:

    Haven’t been to Greece before, the place looks really beautiful, will bookmark this post for my travel reference 🙂

  13. Yoke Ching says:

    The view is so stunning! Besides that, the cave room is special and cute. I would like to visit here in future (Honey Moon) 😀

  14. Shin May says:

    Hmmm..i wish i’m in the picture ..I don’t mind to walk 10km ..because a lot of awesome view waiting for me !! Its worth it !! Arghh… i should go there that time.. Thanks for letting know where is cheaper in Santorini ~

  15. your post really makes me to visit such beautiful place in future..

  16. Envy… Envy… oh… I am sooooo envious… you are so lucky as Santorini is just so gorgeous and is kinda out of reach for a struggling wife and mother of 3….however I hope I manage to have a chance to get there one fine day

  17. lee yann says:

    santorini wish i visit one day..

  18. sinyees says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip. I have been to Little Santorini in Hua Hin. Hope one day I can go to the real Santorini!

  19. Always wanted to visit Santorini!! Love the pictures! 😀

  20. Apple Berry says:

    It look so much fun travelling here especially having a beach date. I really must visit the Black Beach at least once in my life. ❤

  21. Isabel Lee says:

    wow the view is amazing! How much is that room??

    1. The room rate is about rm600/night, can accommodates 4 persons, but this is the winter rate, for summer rate it may be double up 🙂

  22. sounds like a big yes to visit this beautiful place during winter! i absolutely hate crowds – rubbing shoulders with strangers during holiday is a big no no.

  23. excellent job on travelling that 10km by foot! That’s the spirit of travelling! You weren’t kidding with the view..and I can imagine the amount of peacefulness that you had there without the crowd…

  24. Lee Sharon says:

    I keep reading many post about Santorini and makes me wanted to visit this beautiful place in the future! Hope I can make it to Santorini one day =D Winter is such a cold season to go for travelling!

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