Why you should take Uber instead of Cab in U.S?

Saving some transportation $ while traveling in the states.

I’m writing this because the cab fare in U.S is really cutting out my travel budget, so after discovering that Uber is rather cheaper in the state, I feels like writing a post to explain this even though in Malaysia we have already know the fare difference between this two, but in U.S, there’s a really BIG GAP between the fare!

Why you should take Uber instead of Cab?

My first experience of taking cab is from the hotel I stayed in Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood Hotel to Las Vegas South Premium Outlet. We took a cab from the hotel lobby and it cost about $25-30 including tips.

After ONE day shopping from 9am to 6pm in the premium outlet, one of my friend decided to called for Uber, and I was kinda shocked by the fare difference between Uber and Cab.


For the same distance from Planet Hollywood to South Premium Outlet, $23.32 is the fare quoted from Taxi Fare Finder, and this is of course NOT INCLUDING TIPS.

screenshot-www.taxifarefinder.com 2016-06-01 16-32-13


For the same distance from Planet Hollywood to South Premium Outlet, calling an Uber X is ONLY $9-12, can you see how much fare difference between cab and Uber?

AND Most importantly, you don’t have to TIP Uber drivers!

screenshot-www.uber.com 2016-06-01 16-32-38

So be smart while planning a trip to U.S! Always get your Uber ready!


To use Uber, you have to activate the app by using your phone number, so please bare in mind you may have to apply for international roaming.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Uber is the future. Good little post, great advice, thank you.

  2. I love to take Uber as well in Malaysia. It’s cheaper!!

  3. Shin May says:

    Wow~ The fare difference so big~ Is good to take uber and save some money for other usage during travel.

  4. Leona says:

    it’s the same in Malaysia too, can’t really trust cab plus it’s not a pleasant ride as compared to ubering

  5. Isaac Tan says:

    support Uber.. so easy to use no matter where in the world! I use it everytime when I’m in malaysia too.

  6. Lee Sharon says:

    Nowadays many people stop taking cab instead they prefer Uber in Malaysia! Plus now teksi driver feel annoyed with Uber in Malaysia, hope they will know if they continue to fight about this, more and more people will definitely not going to take cab anymore.

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