How I save up for my Travel fund?

People always wonder how can I travel to so many places and they must be thinking that I’m from a rich family but the fact is that I work, I earn monthly salary and most importantly, I SAVE UP.


So speaking of saving, there comes the question of how I save money?



First, save up and buy the flight ticket.

There are several airlines sales within a year, especially Air Asia which you can buy your ticket 1 year in advance. Aims for the sales and purchase the flight ticket if it’s cheap!

Next, plan your trip 1 year ahead.

So, now that you’ve already spent money on your flight ticket, you have no excuse to not start saving for a trip.

Start doing your research on where you want to visit and check on the hotel/guesthouse/airbnb rate, you can definitely find a good one with value price if you do your research early.

After hotel, you should check on transportation as well. Search on the internet on how much is the train/bus/flight fare if you’re travelling within few cities.

  1. Calculate total cost for accommodation
  2. Calculate total cost for transportation

You can always check hotel rate and booked in advance without paying any fee on
Check out how to get cashback from!

If you can purchase the domestic train/bus/flight ticket in advance, you should do so to get some discount. And also always bare in mind to add another 30% on top of total cost, as you may always get wrong information from the internet.

Final, change your money currency!


Now after all the total cost you know you may need for expenses, you should put your eye on the currency exchange rate, especially at this state where Ringgit is not stable. Try to change a bit by bit when you have save up a sum of money.

currency exchange

I’m not sure whether it has already become my habit that no matter where I go, I will keep my eyes on money changer, it doesn’t matter whether I’m planning a trip ahead or not. 😀

Also a note that you can always check the currency rate online at Money Master.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks for the tips! I’d start saving now for me to travel soon! hahaha.

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks for the tips. I will save for my future trips too.

  3. Pamela Yeoh says:

    great tips. I usually have 3-4 tabung and bank acc and once salary in i dump them all around and hide the bank card. 😛

    1. Nice tips tooo!! Right now i’m trying to put my money into FD so that I can’t touch the money 😆😆

  4. These tips are so good! The first one is definitely my favourite “buy your ticket one year in advance so you’re forced to save up” brilliant 😂👍🏼

    1. Hahahaha!! That’s really the ‘motto’ when you doesn’t want your flight ticket to just..burn! 🔥🔥

  5. A very useful guide for those who need to travel. Yes, we need to save up the unneccesary travel fund

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