Say goodbye to my impacted wisdom tooth

It’s really been a big headache for me since my lower wisdom teeth grown out a few years back and having a nightmare visiting dental center, I ignore the existence of my wisdom teeth though it’s been bothering me all the time.

I believe everyone with impacted wisdom teeth will understand how important is tooth pick especially after having a meal!

Until I visited a dentist for scaling (cleaning), I never thought I’ll be having 2 more hidden upper wisdom teeth!! Since the upper wisdom teeth doesn’t need a surgery to do the extraction, I get it pulled out within 2 months and it’s such a huge relief because both upper wisdom teeth were in bad condition as our toothbrush won’t be able to reach until the wisdom teeth.
I had both upper wisdom teeth pulled out for RM 250 each which is a pretty affordable price but the price of doing the lower wisdom teeth surgery is getting a bit painful!

First pull – Upper Left Wisdom Tooth

Second Pull – Upper Right Wisdom Tooth

You can see both teeth are decayed. Both upper wisdom teeth took about 30 minutes each to pull out which is an easy extraction and it doesn’t really affect much after the extraction, I still can eat, and  I still can laugh! 😂

Concerning My Lower Impacted Wisdom Teeth

I did a full x-ray of my teeth which cost me RM 110, and when dentist told me each lower wisdom teeth going to cost me RM 800, my mind blacked out.

But WHY should I extract my lower impacted wisdom teeth?

Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth which do not fully erupt into the mouth because of blockage from other teeth (impaction). If the wisdom teeth do not have an open connection to the mouth, pain can develop with the onset of inflammation or infection or damage to the adjacent teeth.

Due to the impaction condition, half of the tooth is in the gum which cannot be seen. So whenever I eat and foods stuck between the last 2 teeth, I can only clean the surface with a toothpick, which also means that food debris may slip into the impacted tooth and eventually the debris will cause the tooth to decay INSIDE the gum!

Do you know how bad it is that it will affect your gum tissue and it’s so much painful to remove then when you have to remove your gum tissue together!!!

I don’t really know about the surgery process and I refused to watch those videos surface on my Facebook because I really want to get rid of it! One thing I knew is my wisdom tooth will be cut into pieces in order to take it out.

Does it pain?

NOPE. Not really if you get a good experienced dentist to do the surgery. Frankly, I can start eating even 5 hours after the surgery. It’s just that I can’t laugh hard or chew something really really hard especially fried foods like fried wantan or chicken, just have to cut them into pieces.

Now I’m getting ready for the LAST impacted wisdom tooth to be extract and say forever bye to all of em’! ☺️


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