Are you ready for BIGBANG 10th Anniversary Concert in Seoul?

You heard about it since March, you’ve been waiting for it, one last fight through the ticket war then you’ll be celebrating BIGBANG 10th Anniversary in Seoul!

BIGBANG10 The Concert 0.TO.10


공연일자(Dates) : 2016.08.20(SAT) @ 19:00(KST)


티켓오픈(Ticket Sale Open) : 2016.07.14(THU) @ 20:00(KST)


Seatmap has been released yesterday. *Honestly, we do really hope this seatmap is not final! I can’t imagine ABCDEFGH, 8 Standing zones my gosh!!!


BIGBANG A to Z Exhibition

Not only get to enjoy concert but also an exhibition!


So VIPs…….are you ready to rock the 10th Anniversary?

Leave a comment if you’re looking for BIGBANG Concert tickets or email me. 😀


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Zelle says:

    Hi, do u know how foreigners can purchase tickets to the a to z exhibition in seoul? Looking for 5 tics n the coupons to purchase the limited ed set

  2. Elaine says:

    Hi! Do you still have ticket to this concert?

    1. Please DM me at instagram, i have 1 extra ticket to let go!

  3. tdvnee says:

    Hi, this would be my maiden trip to seoul and also my first to attend a concert outside homecountry. Would really appreciate if I could make some friends with VIP there, so that I wouldn’t so lost on my own

    1. Oh! Where are you from? I’ll be at the venue like…early in the morning 😁 you’ll probably see me in the merchandise queue 😆

  4. tdvnee says:

    Hi, I would like to know if the ticket isstill available. Ive been tryin to get ticket but wasn’t successful T_T

    1. Hi, there tickets from reseller in Korea but mostly selling at about 250,000 to 300,000 korean won now.

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