ZINNiA Inner Cleanse – A cure for constipation!

Constipation is something that I realized since Form 5 which is around 17 or 18 years old. It’s not really something I’m ashamed of, I mean maybe because I’m from girls’ school and the chances of girls having constipation is higher than boys which is why during my school time, we often make it a topic and constantly looking for solution, especially slimming or detox tea that is available in the market.

Some said what causes constipation is inadequate water intake but mostly is because of inadequate fiber, and yes, I couldn’t denied the fact that I don’t take vegetables much.

Fiber constipation malaysia remedies cure medicine

What I had tried before?

I tried all sort of things, from detox tea which required me to drink a big cup of tea before sleep and got myself bloated, and also fiber drinks which is almost the same as detox tea.

I have to said sometimes it does work, and sometimes it gets a bit serious is when you will have to get to toilet a few times in ONE day, so it’s always best to take those drinks the day before you planned to stay home all day.

ZINNIA Inner Cleanse

Zinnia Inner Cleanse is a detoxification product made from 100% natural herbs. It’s so simple and convenient to help you get rid of constipation and bloated tummy problem.

zinnia inner cleanse constipation cure remedies medicine malaysia

1 capsule of inner cleanse enough to expel 99% of stool from the body, your stomach no longer bloated! Except of that, it also help for slimming, eliminate bloating, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and etc.

zinnia inner cleanse constipation cure remedies medicine malaysia

1 pack of ZINNER Inner Cleanse comes with 30 capsules which can last for one month.

zinnia inner cleanse constipation remedies medicine cure

ZINNIA Inner Cleanse are 100% natural herbs which consists of Beri Hawthorn, Gelenggang, Sekam Psyllium, Daun Spica Prunellae & Green Tea.

zinnia inner cleanse constipation cure medicine remedies malaysia

1 capsule is equal to 1 sachet of fiber, and the advisable intake for constipation is 1 capsule before sleep, and for slimming purpose, 2 capsules before sleep.

zinner inner cleanse constipation malaysia


Valid: 1st August 2016 to 6th September 2016

Normal price: RM68, after discount is RM60.

Feel free to visit ZINNER Inner Clease Website or Facebook.

For purchase you can contact Wawa @ 019-6744557.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. arisa says:

    better to eat more fruits, drink more water and work out for a healthy bowel movement

  2. bbxemily says:

    does it work?? i have severe constipation too but i consulted doctor and resorted to plain yogurt which really helps~

  3. Ouh my mom is drinking this at the moment. and it sometimes can be very costly. The code is perfect 😀 Thank you

  4. was having detox in my mind just now and this post just came in the right timing! will definitely check out the product.

  5. poojakawatra says:

    I have never tried any detox teas for myself but heard they are good.

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