Clay Game with BIGBANG figure at Yenji Clay Craft!

Yenji Clay Craft

Yenji Clay Craft Art Craft

Art and Craft has always been one of my favourite activities to do during my childhood, but as we grown up, we slowly neglect our own interest just because we’re dragged down to the pile of working society and eventually we forget about our hobbies.

It was really a fun time crafting my own figuring at Yenji Clay Craft, especially when the clay doll that I’m crafting is G-Dragon (Aiks!), I really don’t mind spending my spare time even just 2 hours after work!

The doll that I’ve done is the course named as Basic Cutie.

The best thing about Yenji Clay Craft is that, you can go to their shop anytime when you’re free to continue the workshop. Meaning if you have only 2 hours per day, you can visit their shop everyday and complete piece by piece just like me!

So First, you’ll be needing a few pack of clay to mixed up the Skin Colour of your doll.

Yenji Clay Craft Art Craft

This is how it looks like when it’s completed, on the left side is my FIRST DAY result and continue on drawing the EYES which has spent me about 3 hours!

Yenji Clay Craft Art Craft G Dragon Doll BIGBANG

Follow by crafting the body shape, and then making the clothes or style that you want for your doll. Mine is really complicated as I chose the example with the glove on, and imagined making the hand glove for this small little hand.

Yenji Clay Craft Art Craft G Dragon Doll BIGBANG

After putting on the clothes and shoes and everything, is time to ‘decorate’ your doll! So for me, to make it looks exactly like G-Dragon One of a Kind style, I drew the work & even the head scarf by bringing the REAL Scarf I had. xD

Yenji Clay Craft Art Craft

I thought of giving up at one point, but there’s NO WAY BACK as I really want to complete doll and make it as my VIP’s pride! (as a fan of G-Dragon’s pride)

Yenji Clay Craft Art Craft G Dragon Doll BIGBANG

Can you see the pencil line and design I drew on the head scarf of the clay doll? It’s killing me by just drawing it and what happen next is to COLOUR it.

But…..ta-daaah~~~~! I MADE IT!

Yenji Clay Craft Art Craft G Dragon Doll BIGBANG

I’m so proud of my G-Dragon Doll! This is the style that I’m trying to achieve and I MADE IT!

Check out Yenji Clay Craft courses!

Basic Cutie

Learn the skills in crafting a Chibi bodied character with simplified anatomy and proportions. A stepping stone for beginners to humanoid character type crafting. Happy crafting!

Fee RM400

Up to 3 projects of your choice
*Materials are not included for normal classes
*Price subject to 6% GST.
*All projects shown are done by students.

Yenji Clay Craft Branches

They have 6 branches, 1 in Penang and the branch that I went to is the main branch at Ikano Power Center.

IPC Branch (Main Branch):

A : Unit S10, 2nd Floor, IPC Shopping Centre, Mutiara Damansara, 47800, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
T : +603 7724 2778
PIC : Chris, +6017 467 7436

Check out more info about Yenji Clay Craft at:

Facebook or Website


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Ivy Kam says:

    Wah, you so talented lar, I like your work 🙂

  2. You did it like a pro…Now I want to do it too!

  3. Leona says:

    you really killed it with the clay art, looks like a pro now

  4. love your finished project.. it looks fabulous… I am sure G Dragon would love it!!

  5. hannizenvato says:

    Your doll looks super!!! It must have really taken hours! You even moulded the hair!

  6. shin may says:

    wow ..looks almost the same like GD. should make a smokey eye for him..look more alike right ? haha

  7. Shini Lola says:

    Wow~ So cute! I wish to make one for my own too.

  8. Amelie Yap says:

    this is indeed a good activity for my sister lol. she has been a k-pop and clay craze.

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