A nightout at Hugos by Modestos @ Qliq Damansara

hugos by modestos

A night out at Hugos by Modestos which located at Qliq Damansara, Empire Damansara! I’ve always wonder if Hugos by Modesto is a place for party? A bar? A pub? or A club?

hugos by modestos

I was pleasantly surprised upon entering the very vibrant dining hall! It’s located on the second floor of the Hotel Qliq, it’s also accessible from Empire Damansara, the dining hall with a very subtle colours makes it looks really funky yet modern.

What’s good at Hugos by Modestos?

Cannelloni Al Funchi E Parmigiano Con Tartufo (Crepes with Creamy Mushroom and Parmesan Cheese) – RM32


First, I thought it’s pasta, so my expectation was like spaghetti or fettuccine, but when it was served, it went beyond my expectation, it looks more like lasagna than pasta, I’m such a cheese lover and I love this! This is really a good call for all the cheese lover out there!

Premier ½ Roasted Chicken –  Free Range Chicken served with Coleslaw, French Fries and Gravy – RM34


Frankly, this doesn’t look like a half chicken to me, more like a quarter. But the taste isn’t really disappointing, the chicken flesh is tender and the sauce is really nice.

Dragone – Dragon Shaped with Mozzarella, Turkey Ham, Eggs and Mushrooms – RM39


This is a pizza, a pizza, yes, a pizza! It’s called Dragone for a reason! I guess you all must have get the gimmick behind the name as well! The mozzarella cheese and other ingredients seeped out for the first cut and got me really mouth watering looking at the cheese! And Yess…the taste is good!

Crepe Suzette – Served Caramelized with a Tangerine Zest and Flambe – RM20


I love crepe, I really do. This crepe dessert comes with yummilicious vanilla ice cream in it and it does really taste good! I can take this whole serving on my own…

Hugoes by Modestos

You can enjoy your drinks just outside of the casual dining hall!

hugos by modesto


The dining environment is not bad, it’s a casual dining place where you can have a Friday night out with your BFF or besties. The only drawback is that they took a bit more longer to serve the foods on your table, but the best thing to discover is that they have Salsa Friday Night! So hoooray for all the Salsa fans! Do check out this place!

Hugos by Modestos

Unit A -G – 01 Ground Floor
Qliq Damansara, Empire Damansara
Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
017 799 2334



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