One wander day in Everland Seoul

Everland Seoul Theme Park

It was a sunny day during our visit to Everland Amusement Theme Park, the largest theme park in South Korea. It’s about an hour bus ride from Seoul, you can check out the Ticket + Shuttle Bus Package I got from Funtastic Korea.

I always wanted to visit this theme park for my past 4 trips to South Korea and also when they first announced the YG HOLOGRAM concert but it has never happened, so this time I was determined to visit the amusement theme park that Runningman did their filming before.

Pick Up Point – Hongik University Station Exit #4

We took the shuttle bus from Hongik University Station Exit #4 at 0805am, you wouldn’t missed the bus because the word ‘Everland Resort’ is very visible from around the bus.

We reached the destination at about 9am, grabbed some foods from the 7-11 at the shuttle bus station then hop on another bus to Everland Theme Park which will takes another 15 minutes.

The shuttle bus depart at 6.30pm from Everland to Seoul and remember to take the other shuttle bus from the theme park as early as possible before 6pm as it takes about 15 minutes to the bus station.

To make it clear, you will be taking TWO (2) shuttle bus in TOTAL:

One Shuttle Bus (You paid for it) is from Seoul to Everland Bus Terminal and vice versa.

One Shuttle Bus (FREE) is from Everland Bus Terminal to Everland Theme Park and vice versa.

Everland Seoul Theme Park

After reaching the entrance of Everland Theme Park, we join the queue to get into the theme park as the Theme Park opens at 10.30a.m. Get the English version map from the gate attendants so that you have an understanding of the theme park before entering.

Everland Amusement Theme Park Overall Map

Everland Seoul South korea Theme Park Amusement Park

There are total 5 segmentation which you can see from the Map.

Global Fair

Global Fair is where you can see after entering the theme park main gate, this is the place where you can find shops and 3 attractions for VR adventure, Live Hologram Theater & Pororo 3D adventure.

Everland Seoul Theme Park

American Adventure

Moving on to American Adventure is where you can find some exciting rides such as Double Rock Spin, Let’s Twist, Hurricane, Championship Rodeo, Columbus Adventure etc.

Columbus adventure everland theme park

Magic Land

As you approach deeper, you’ll find more thrilling rides! At Magic Land, one of the most popular ride is the Thunder Falls which will get you wet! But it’s really such a fun ride! There are 10++ rides which is suitable for kids as well, such as a fun haunted house named ‘Spooky House’, it’s not really a haunted house but rather a fun house to play with Spooky the cute ghost.

Everland Thunder Falls Amusement Theme Park Seoul

European Adventure

European Adventure is where the popular T-Express which is the roller coster at! Everyone came here for the roller coaster but it’s a challenging ride!

The most THRILLING & EXCITING roller coaster I ever took in my life!

Everland T Express Roller Coaster

The queue for this ride is the killing part! It may take up to 1-2 hours just for 1 ride! So go for the Q-Pass which will cut you to the front! You can get it at FUNKO – Everland Q-Pass.

Everland Seoul Theme Park Q Pass T Express

There are 4 different Q Pass available for all 4 popular rides in Everland.

Q-Pass for Amazon Express (Limited to 20 passes per day): ₩20,000
Q-Pass for T Express (Limited to 20 passes per day): ₩20,000
Q-Pass for Safari World (Limited to 20 passes per day): ₩20,000
Q-Pass for Lost Valley (Limited to 20 passes per day): ₩20,000


I really enjoy my time at Zootopia! Though I thought I won’t be interested but the experience is so much different from all the safari that I’ve been to! You can watch the performances by Black Bear on the spot as in the video below:

Special Event – Everland Summer Splash 2016

It seems like Korean really loves the summer splash activity which we don’t really enjoy it much, but it’s really crazy!

Everland Seoul Theme Park

Everyone getting ready with their water gun and rain coats when the Summer Splash Festive is about to start! You can watch the video below to see how crazy is the summer splash!

Overall, it such a fun day at Everland and I was lucky to went on a day which doesn’t have much crowd and everything took just almost 15-20 minutes for 1 ride! I managed to take so many rides in the theme park but too bad I couldn’t stay late for the fireworks at night.

I would definitely recommend Everland Amusement Theme Park! Check out the discount package for Everland I got from Funko here – Everland with Shuttle Bus Package


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  1. Rane Chin says:

    Everland Amusement Theme Park looks so fun! I wanna bring my family there one day

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