SGSHOP review: My worst Taobao shopping experience

For all shopaholics in Malaysia, we know about Taobao, we heard of Taobao, and we LOVE Taobao for sure! I’m sure that we all familiar with ‘Taobao Agent’ service out there, which charge a service fee upon buying on behalf of us and ship from China Warehouse to Malaysia. I’ve tried shopping with SGSHOP and also using their SHIP FOR ME service, you can scroll to the bottom for my sincere review.

First, let me explain the SHIP FOR ME service which is really new to me and I was really hoping this will be working but it seems like ended up with having total 100% disappointment.

What is SHIP FOR ME?

With Ship For Me service, you can now make a purchasing on your own using your own taobao account and send it to the address that provided by SGSHOP, all you need to do is to copy the address provided to your taobao account! That’s it!


As you are purchasing from third party sellers, with SGSHOP assisting you upon your instructions and as your authorized agent, there is a total of two payment for each purchase that you should pay attention to:

1st Payment (100% which will paid to your selected seller on your behalf): Product Price + China Domestic Shipping (China Express)

· Paid after checking out items from shopping cart.

2nd Payment (Paid to SGshop): International Shipping + Service Charge + Clearance Fee

· Paid upon submission for International shipping.

My Worst Taobao Shopping Experience with SGSHOP

I’ve personally tried both purchase directly at SGSHOP and Ship For Me, everything is working fine but one of the frustration with SGSHOP is the delivery time, I’ve tried the Air Delivery which took 5-7 days, that is understandable (as to me is considered slow), and Ship Delivery which said to be 3 weeks that turned out to be a total nightmare for me. The tracking isn’t really good and it doesn’t update the tracking code as well.

Well, all of these are still okay until the customer service which is totally not helpful that create a total shopping disappointment with SGSHOP. I’ve submitted 2 tickets before and the best answer I ever had is always ‘in Custom Inspection’ and my shipment is forever in Custom Inspection…it never update on their website tracking or nothing.

  1. I submitted a ticket asking my shipment on 3/11/2016, customer service replied telling me it’s in custom inspection.
  2. No update after ONE Week, so I replied the ticket on 9/11/2016 is when a TOTAL DISASTER I ever encountered, my shipment was delivered wrongly to another person!

My Address is to SOLARIS MONT KIARA and they delivered to BANGSAR SOUTH which is unacceptable.

SGSHOP Taobao Slow Delivery

So on 9/11/2016, they told me will arrange another delivery, but on 10/11/2016 I checked with the person holding my shipment, NO ONE collect my shipment from him and yet another helpful reply from their customer service hoping for my ‘understanding’ that turned me into total madness.

SGSHOP Taobao Slow Delivery

So on 11/11/2016, customer service said will speed up my shipment delivery and yet on 14/11/2016 when I checked with the person holding my shipment, NO ONE collected from him yet!!

SGSHOP Taobao Slow Delivery

So you want to know how it ended up?

I picked up my shipment by driving all the way to Bangsar South!

It’s been ONE WEEK delay and never-ending delay, I placed my SHIP FOR ME order on 8th Oct 2016, ETA written 6th Nov 2016, so dear KaiSing, I hope you’re reading this, how do you expect my understanding when you’re not even helping me to solve my problem?


12 thoughts on “SGSHOP review: My worst Taobao shopping experience

  1. I’ve been aware of Taobao for a few years, but have never been confident enough to make any purchase. I recently made a purchase through SGShop, hopefully, their service has significantly improved since your distressing experience.

  2. Thanks, is happening in Singapore too. SGSHOP told me that my return of fake/spoil goods, their service charges are very high, you may not get back your money refund, seller may claim that he did not receive (i.e. this seller has only a surname and no company name, home address is wrong!). Therefore, SGSHOP does not assure you the genuine sellers and you bear at your own risk to buy!

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