Experiencing Food Delivery in Seoul with Funko – Funtastic Korea!

If you’re a Korean Wave follower, I’m pretty sure you know about the food delivery service in South Korea, you must have seen it on some Korean Drama or Korean TV Show, I’ve always wanted to try the food delivery service when I’m travelling in South Korea, but to be honest, first we don’t have Korean Phone to make the phone call, second, the language barrier is a disaster! Hence, I always ended up staring at the food delivery brochure hanging in guesthouse kitchen area ONLY.

FUNKO – Food Delivery Order Service

It’s a great thing that FUNKO – Funtastic Korea has made all of this food delivery service easier for us foreigners, and for Muslim who is planning to travel to South Korea, they have HALAL food selection as well!

funko food delivery halal jajjangmyeon Seoul

For Muslim, you can now try Authentic Korean HALAL foods in Seoul with Food Delivery directly to your hotel or guesthouse!

3 Simple Steps:

First Step

Click on the main page menu of which of the foods you want, for me, I really really dying to try the jajjangmyeon and fried chicken delivery! As these 2 things are the first to strike my mind when it comes to food delivery.

funko food delivery halal jajjangmyeon seoul

After redirecting to this page, you are able to choose the date you want the food to be deliver. Next, click on BOOK NOW, it will showed up in your card.

funko food delivery halal jajjangmyeon seoul

Second Step

Click on PAY NOW and next you’ll be at a page to fill in your delivery address, date and time.

funko food delivery halal jajjangmyeon seoul

Third Step

At the bottom of the same page, you can choose to pay with credit card easily or pay cash at FUNKO office which located in Hongdae.

funko food delivery halal jajjangmyeon seoul

Once your payment done, you will see a message telling your booking has been successfully completed. Also, you’ll be receiving a confirmation email from FUNKO as well.

Funko Food Delivery in Seoul

Tadaaah~~~please get ready and standby at your hotel or guesthouse to receive your foods at your selected date & time.

funko food delivery seoul Kyochon chicken

Why getting Food Delivery during your visit in Seoul?

Food delivery is very useful when you know you have planned for a long day tour such as going for a concert, or visiting a theme park or outskirt tour and you know that you’re going to get exhausted upon reaching Seoul! With this food delivery service, you can go back to your hotel or guesthouse and rest while waiting for your foods to arrive.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. carolific says:

    This will come in handy when we visit Korea. And we are planning to do it soon! Thanks for this!

  2. oooo….then I dont have to worry about travelling to Korea already!

  3. Great info, now I know how to order when staying in a Seoul guesthouse… hahahah

  4. Jane says:

    I love Korean food too. Great that they able to deliver it to my home now.

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