[Travel Tips] – Things to do while transit in Airport – Try JS Puzzles!

How to kill time while in transit or long overlay?

It’s really killing if you have been in transit for more than 6 hours or some overnight overlay, the only thing you can do is to find a comfort zone, park yourself there and waiting for time to tik tok.

While you trying to find something to do, why not kill time with creating an online puzzle? What’s more amazing is that you can create the puzzle using your own pictures!

JS Puzzles

JS Puzzles Online Free Puzzles

JS Puzzles is totally FREE to register and FREE to use. Just get to jspuzzles.com and sign up a free account and it’s really easy and simple to use.

JS Puzzles Online Free Puzzles

Once you signed up, go to your account and start creating your very own online puzzle by clicking on Create New Puzzle Album.

JS Puzzles Online Free Puzzles

Insert all the details you wanted for your new puzzle album and click on Create The Album.

JS Puzzles Online Free Puzzles

After the album is created, you can now upload the picture you wanted to turn into puzzle. Take note of all the picture requirements, if the picture you selected does not meet the requirement, there will be a pop up screen telling you what is the error.

JS Puzzles Online Free Puzzles

Once it’s successfully uploaded, you can click on the picture which will bring to the next page as follow.

JS Puzzles Online Free Puzzles

On this page, you can select the puzzle sizes from 9 pieces to 225 pieces and also the shape of the puzzle as well.


My BIGBANG online puzzle is now ready to play!

JS Puzzles Online Free Puzzles

This is really one of the best way to kill time in airport as I understand how hard it is to spend 10 hours or more to transit in an Airport especially during mid night as most of the shops inside airport don’t operate 24 hours. But remember to find a comfortable zone with power plug point too! xD


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicholas Ng says:

    What a good idea to kill time. Layovers can take so long and if without a book, it can be dreadful.

  2. Eunice Chow says:

    pretty fun! Like jigsaw puzzles in this era of technology

  3. Betty Liew says:

    Oh, we can play this puzzle online? Then will be great to kill my time while waiting for LRT.

  4. Shin May says:

    wow !! really kill my brain cell if figure out your big bang puzzle ..Haha..I prefer sleep in the airport ..

  5. Puisan says:

    This a difficult task for people like me! but indeed a nice game to kill time! 😀

  6. wooo hooo… this is pretty challenging for sure… but yeah, a great time killer as well as makes the brain work……. loving puzzles like this

  7. Rane Chin says:

    oh this is a nice idea. will try it out in my next transit haha

  8. Elfie Jane says:

    This looks fun! I’ll def try it out 🙂

  9. annA Tiew | 趙紫霞 says:

    Whoa, the Blue & black solid color background is really challenging. Nice Try 😀

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