Hotel Baroato in Hongdae – An affordable 5-star guesthouse experience!

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse

Hotel Baro Ato Hongdae, Seoul

Baroato 是由一群韩国青年,也是专业室內設計師們共同建立,他们都是擁有多家民宿設計經驗,这群有为的韓國青年室內設計師們是带这一种希望能將自己的設計真實地呈現来建立了 Baroato。

Hotel Baroato is built and owned by a group of young Korean Interior Designers. It’s a contemporary small hotel located at Hongdae area in Seoul. As you can see from the overall architecture of the building is in black, it’s very modern-like and cool from the outside to the inside.

Baroato 从里到外都是这群室內設計師們一手包辦建设…从投資至設計至裝潢,都是经过他们个人獨特的設計風格在加上新穎的裝潢家品打造獨特的。

Hotel Baroato is designed by a group of young Koreans interior designers with lots of experiences in guesthouse interior design. Hence, from investment to design to decoration, it’s all done by the owners. The concept of the hotel is a very modern industrial concept.

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse

Baroato 走的是工业风,大多设计装潢都是使用 — 木材, 金属, 玻璃等~ 而室內裝飾却以材料本身的感覺作為設計,所以每件房间都是独特的风格,大体上都是很簡單韓式的裝飾要素再加上現代復古的概念,將內在簡約化中包含著富情感化去設計 。

Baro-Ato Concept

The overall concept for Hotel Baroato is very ‘industrial-like’, as most of the materials used are concrete, woods, metal, glass etc. Each room are carefully designed as to achieve the goal of contemporary yet Korean traditional feel.

BARO 바로 = 韩文意义是“就是這樣”,意思就是絕無虛假的就是這般真實地呈現。

Baro means ‘Like this’ in Korean which also means no fake no shammer, what you see is what you get.

ATO 아토- 韓國傳統的古話“禮物”的意思。

Ato means ‘Present/Gift’ in Korean Traditional Literature.

Hotel Baro Ato Room Types & Rate

Baroato 有几种房型,包括担任上下铺,两人房,三人房,还有如果是一班朋友一起旅游的,也可以考虑家庭房。

Hotel Baroato offers a few room types, from dormitory bunk bed to double/twin room, triple as well as Family Room which can fit in a family of 5 adults or a group of 5 buddies.

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse



A very nice rooftop which you can chill in the morning while having your breakfast but it may be a bit dark at night hence the rooftop is closed at 10p.m. in consideration of guest’s safety.

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse

Triple Room


Triple room comes with 1 double bed and 1 single bed, the design of each room is really unique as you can find a very unique lamp and furniture which is different for each and every room.

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse

Family Room


The family room consist of 2 rooms with a small little kitchen area.

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse

Private Bathroom in Each Room

Baroato 每间房型都有属于自己的厕所,所以不需要担心和别人一起公用一间厕所或排队等洗澡之类的。

Each room with private bathroom comes with amenities such as shampoo and body shampoo and towel.


Breakfast by Hotel Baro Ato


Breakfast are prepared by the hotel and will be hang on your room door every morning. But since we’re going out early in the morning at 7am, so we asked if the breakfast can be prepared the night before and the answer is YES. =D

hotel baroato seoul hongdae south korea guesthouse

How to get to Hotel Baro Ato?

The location is so close to Hongik University Station which is also one of the stop from Airport Railway, means you can get here directly from Incheon Airport. From the metro station, come out from exit #3 and within 5-10 minutes walking distance you will be able to find Hotel Baro Ato.

How to make reservation?

如何订购房?可以在 Baroato Facebook 网站 订购。

You can head on to their Facebook or Website to make your reservation.


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    Looks like space is also a luxury in Korea. I do love the designs. These founders really put their skills into good use.

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