Issue Seoul Guesthouse near YG Entertainment Building!

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Issue Seoul Guesthouse

It was really a pleasant stay at Issue Seoul Guesthouse, I was amazed by the cleanliness of this guesthouse!! I must confess, this is by far the cleanest guesthouse I ever stayed in Seoul in my 5 times visit experience!

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Upon entering the guesthouse, I was great by a friendly lady which later I found out to be the ladyboss? >.<

Issue Seoul Guesthouse has a few room types available:
Single room  (1person) : 1
Double room (2people) : 3
Triple room (3people) : 2
Quadruple room (4~5 people) : 2
Family room (6 people) :1
All rooms are private and they doesn’t rent out dormitory bunk bed, so it’s really suitable for traveler whom prefer quiet private moment in the room.
issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

This is the price list for all the rooms but you will be entitled for 15% discount if you book the room 2 months in advance or you can email them to check out their latest promotion!

Double Room

The room we stayed is the double room, I was surprise by the spacious room too! I remembered for once when we stayed in a guesthouse which we have to take turn to open our luggage due to limited space. T.T

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

On second floor, there is also a chillax space with sofa and TV which you can relax and chill all day~~

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Location (How to get to Issue Seoul Guesthouse?)

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Coming out from Hapjeong Station Exit #2, you just have to walk all the way straight for about 200meter and take a right turn and you will spot Issue Seoul Guesthouse.

The most important point is, EXIT #2 has an elevator or Lift access so don’t worry about carrying your bulky luggage!

No one understand how important it is to have an escalator to the ground from subway station until you’re in Seoul!! The staircases is already a nightmare without carrying luggage!

Authentic Korean Mum Breakfast!

Ladyboss prepare all of this by herself every morning, so yes, you don’t have to make your own breakfast like other guesthouse! You wake up, take a shower, dress up and walk to the dining hall, pick up the breakfast and eat! That’s it~~~

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Issue Seoul Guesthouse breakfast serves from 9am to 10am, and they served DIFFERENT breakfast daily in a week.

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

I enjoyed my breakfast so much at the dining hall on the first floor.

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

Kimbap Making Class, 삼겹살 BBQ Party, ChiMac Party (Chicken + Beer)

They even have kimbap making class which you can’t experience anywhere else! Make your own kimbap! This is really money can’t buy experience as I’ve seen it in so many K-Drama and TV Shows! All of these doesn’t have fixed schedule but rather depends on ladyboss, BBQ Party has to depends on weather condition as it’s outdoor activity and chicken + beer party I guess you can get ladyboss to make a call for the delivery as well! 😀

issue seoul guesthouse hongdae hapjeong

And Now, for YG Stan or BIGBANG’s FAN!

The guesthouse is located at the same station as YG Building! The guesthouse is Exit #2 and YG Entertainment is at Exit #8! So the trick here is, if you find anyone update on their SNS that they’re in the studio, you can walk to the building in just 15-20minutes!

For reservation and info or discount:

Please email them at or check out their FACEBOOK or ISSUE SEOUL GUESTHOUSE website.


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  1. Rawlins GLAM says:

    The building looks so unique from outside and the inside looks inviting too – thanks for sharing. This info will be useful when I want to visit there too

  2. lee yann says:

    good stay with good food

  3. Isaac Tan says:

    love these type of guesthouse.. so cozy, and really homely, yet very pleasing to the eye

  4. Aliza Sara says:

    the guest house looks really cozy. A nice idea for travelers under a tight budget.

  5. Man Says says:

    Cosy place and practical, great suggestion for the budget trip travelers 🙂

  6. Shin May says:

    this guesthouse give me a home feel ~ i’ll keep this as reference !! I wish to met GD one day in Seoul ! Haha XD

  7. Nicholas Ng says:

    These hotels look rather homely. Nice one. Will consider it next time I’m traveling to Seoul.

  8. Rane Chin says:

    Issue Seoul Guesthouse looks clean and decent. will try it in my next trip to Seoul

  9. Wow looks so clean inside ! I have not been to Seoul thought but will put a note to choose this when I’m going in future ! Thanks 🙂

  10. sherrygo says:

    interesting post, I no go there before. Is it alot of walking there? I mean staircases to walk.

  11. Amelie Yap says:

    Thanks for your sharing! the guesthouse looks so lovely! I gonna include this in my list during my visit to korea next year.

  12. Charmaine says:

    Awesome sharing! Hope I’ll still remember the guesthouse name by the time I wanna go Seoul hahaha 😀

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