Personal or Family Photoshoot Package by Photo Havens

Personal Photoshoot Family Portrait Photo Havens The Strand Kota Damansara

My very first Personal Portrait Photoshoot experience with Photo Havens and the photographer Qeemy was really chill and relax! The studio is really spacious with *many* different background settings for your photoshoot. PLUS what makes PhotoHavens unique, is their actual built-up walls and lots of 3D props to choose from.

You can have your Personal Portrait or Fashion Photoshoot with Photo Havens or if you’re looking to shoot for your Family Portrait or Family Photo, this is the place to be. These are some of the shots that I did with Photo Havens which turned out to be really good shots.

The Photographer – Qeemy is really patient and he did his research to explore what kind of postures I can try and do for my photoshoot. As we all know, posing for photoshoot can be really brain-cracking because we are not professional models who did photoshoot everyday and it seriously killing to think of how should I pose.

One of the coolest photoshoot you can have with Photo Havens is CGI photo, CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery, is a technology opening the door of digital images to another level which is to make the Unrealistic Realistic.

Personal Photoshoot Family Portrait Photo Havens The Strand Kota Damansara
Check out Photo Havens website at and also their Facebook.

For the first 50 people who use Promo Code BAZGLAM will entitled to :

– Special Promo Price RM130/499  PLUS FREE GIFT 12 x 8 Mounted Canvas

– This is for all bookings before 31st October 2016

Pixie Makeup & Hairdo

Thanks to Veron from Pixie Makeup for the really cool make up. I get to rock on different style of Makeup & Hairdo and I really like her services. She did all the makeup and hairstyles on her own so that I don’t have to crack my own mind on what kind of makeup & hairdo I want to have.

Pixie Makeup & Hairdo provides services for all types of make up styles as according to your own preference, they provide Bridal Make Up Services as well, check out Pixie Make Up packages as follow:
Check out Pixie Makeup & Hairdo at their Facebook or for any inquiry please email them at

Photo Havens Location


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cheers on the share dear and I have to say that even though the pricing for their promos are alright – they should have packaged it with more picture insertions to make it a little more better. Nonetheless, its good to know more about this kind of thing as well.

  2. Aliza Sara says:

    Omg, their promo price actually not bad. But for the number of photos they are giving is a little low 😦 so expensive leh for a few photos only T.T They should have additional rate for all photos taken.

  3. Emily says:

    Thanks for sharing the contact for te make-up and hairdo service as well. It makes such a photoshoot more doable.

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