Mazzo Fine Dine @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Discovering Mazzo Fine Dine @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas, a Mid-Range Fine Dine restaurant which serves a fusion of Korean, Japanese and Italian cuisine.

What is the story behind Mazzo Restaurant?

‘When Korean barbecue meets Japanese fare at this eatery featuring table-top grills plus sashimi. Mazzo deliveres the true culinary art of Korean and Japanese Royal Cuisine with an exquisite fusian of these dishes at its absolute finest. Mazzo promises an excellent dining experience to connoisseurs of great food.’

What makes Mazzo an ideal dining place for Malaysians as well as foreigners is their commitment to the authentic fusion cusine! It’s an absolute place to visit if you’re looking for modern sophistication coupled with a delectable experience. It is also a restaurant to top your mind when you’re looking for a place to have a quiet and personal gathering as in Mazzo, you can find a pretty decent VIP room!

Mazzo Signature Dishes

At Mazzo, you can be assured that dishes are prepared using only fresh, natural, high quality ingredients, always personally hand picked daily by the Chef Ted, and always without artificial ingredients like MSG.

Mazzo Fine Dine Publika Korean Restaurant

Some of their Signature Dishes include Grilled Bulgogi, Spicy Fish Stew, Grilled Marinated Beef Ribs, Mazzo Steak and world-class Sashimi of Tuna Head and Salmon Belly – all skillfully prepared by their Master Chef Ted, who comes with over 20 years of experience.

1) Cajun Chicken Salad

This is one of the new menu which is really something you should look forward to! The Fried Chicken is really tender, it’s absolutely different from all the Cajun Chicken I’ve ever taste before. Chef Ted special recipe is to have the chicken grilled with charcoal first and then fried!

Mazzo Fine Dine Publika Korean Restaurant

2) Pane Cream Pasta ***Highly Recommended

One of the dish I really really enjoy! As a pasta lover myself, particularly Carbonara which is cream based pasta, this Pane Cream Pasta is giving my taste bud another experience. The cream is delicious and it doesn’t have the greasy feeling after having it which is really amazing!

Mazzo Fine Dine Publika Korean Restaurant

3) Cheese Chicken Bite & Mazzo Garlic Chicken

Korean style Chicken Bite, as a K-Pop fan myself, I’m definitely familiar with these 2 popular dishes. It’s best to go with beer which is ChiMac (Fried Chicken + Beer), I believe if you follow Korean Drama, you must be familiar with it as well! As for Cheese Chicken Bite, it’s a bit of spicy and you can request for different spicy level!

Mazzo Fine Dine Publika Korean Restaurant

4) Tempura Prawn

The Tempura Prawn is a new menu as well, what makes it different from other Japanese Tempura is the non-greasy taste. As mentioned by Chef Ted, in order to make good tempura, you have mix the flours in the correct proportion and fried it one by one.

Mazzo Fine Dine Publika Korean Restaurant

5) Hamburger Steak

This is really a cute meal, hamburger steak served with rice and fried egg in flower shape. Looking at picture you may think that it’s BBQ sauce and it does really taste like BBQ sauce, but surprisingly is ketchup base mixed with other ingredients which make it a natural sauce specially crafted by Chef Ted.

Mazzo Fine Dine Publika Korean Restaurant

6) Marinated Grilled Bulgogi

The marinated grilled bulgogi is marinated with all natural ingredients such as soy sauce and with natural sugar from fresh fruits like pear or pineapples which meant to killed the ‘meat smells’.

Mazzo Fine Dine Publika Korean Restaurant

7) Boiled Red Sniper *** Highly Recommended

Another highly recommended dish by myself is the Boiled Red Sniper, this is recommended for people who enjoy spicy foods, a recipe brought over to Malaysia all the way from Gwangju, which is Chef Ted’s hometown! And no doubt, for my upcoming trip to South Korea, I’m going to make my way to Gwangju! 😛

Mazzo Fine Dine Publika Korean Restaurant

Overall it’s really a pleasant dining experience at Mazzo Restaurant, foods are really really in good quality with decent price!

Do check out Mazzo Restaurant on their Facebook:

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  1. Emily says:

    I’m drooling already just looking at your food photos. Need to get someone to take me there.

  2. oh wow.. the food really looks good.. I wish I can sink my teeth into it now… loving the ambiance of the place also

  3. Candace says:

    Waaaa the Pane cream pasta looks so so so good! The restaurant looks beautiful too!

  4. Fadzi Razak says:

    The place looks luxurious and the food presentation is very pretty. bet they taste delicious too

  5. Yee Zin says:

    japanese+korean= perfect menu. those pictures make me hungry la.. will want to try this out soon

  6. Mable Seah says:

    It is definitely an ultra bomb when both Korean and Japanese fuse for a cuisine, cheese chicken bite seems tantalizing!

  7. Jane says:

    Cheese Chicken Bite & Mazzo Garlic Chicken looks delicious. Since my house is near to Publika, I should give it a try.

  8. sherrygo says:

    good to know nice place to dine. shall let friends know they stay nearby there.

  9. Wow their food looks so delicious! BTW how’s the price? Really wish I can try it out one day!

  10. Food looks amazing, surely will try

  11. Ivianat says:

    Wow it looks really good. The place looks so highclass too. I love Korean cuisine!

  12. Audrey Yap says:

    The food looks amazing! Definitely trying it when I comeback home. THANKS

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