Buying goods from Taobao is getting easier with EZBUY!

Ever thought of shopping in Taobao with:

No Language-Barrier & No Shipping-Hassle?

Check this out: EZBUY – The Taobao Malaysia


It’s easy as searching for the items you want on the search bar and everything will be in results’ page and all the price shown in Ringgit Malaysia! Most importantly, everything is in English and you can even search with English as well!

ezbuy taobao malaysia daigou

Click on the item you want and you’ll be redirect to the item page whereby you can choose the colour/pattern or size that you want.

ezbuy taobao malaysia daigou

Choose the colour or size and click Add To Cart and go to your shopping cart to proceed with payment by clicking PAY NOW.

ezbuy taobao malaysia

It’s so much easier than the usual way of shopping in taobao with other taobao agent where you have to copy and paste the link and wait for calculation of the converted currency bla bla bla…more over, everything is in ENGLISH. 😀 So no more google translate as well!

What about the shipping rate & agent fee?

If you have experience shopping in Taobao with other Taobao agent, usually you will have to pay a certain amount of agent fee or known as service charge, it’s usually a 2-5% of your total purchase. With EZBUY, you get the Lowest Shipping Rate @RM4.50/500g & No Agent Fee.

ezbuy taobao malaysia

Good News for Shopaholic or Taobao lovers!


Shop as much as you wish. Ship at only RM8.80!

What is ezbuy Prime?

Ezbuy Prime is a subscribed membership programme exclusive to ezbuy existing customers. The membership fee is RM 188 PER YEAR and this enables you to enjoy the Prime member only benefits for one whole year.

ezbuy taobao malaysia prime shipping

Hurry up and shop at EZBUY for upcoming festive seasons! Whether you’re looking for Christmas or New Year presents, or you’re looking to shop for next year Chinese New Year clothes, you shouldn’t miss this chance catch the sales on EZBUY!

ezbuy taobao malaysia

Sign up an account today at EZBUY and get RM15 voucher!

Also, you can enjoy 15% off your shipping fee with the code below:


Make sure to check out EZBUY today at!


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