One Wander Day in San Francisco


Welcome to San Francisco

I really really love San Francisco, the feeling bristle from the moment I stepped out of the airport, and to find that it’s really a lovely city. The sad part is I only have about 1 and a half day to spend in San Francisco, but the glad part is that, I did a walking tour with my sister on our own.

What does it mean walking tour on our own?

Yes, on our day 1, after getting a map from the hotel lobby, we walked from our hotel, to Union Square, then to Chinatown for dinner, only to find that we can actually walk to Lombard Street and from Lombard Street, we walk to Fisherman Wharf, All by WALKING! It’s really amazing!

Day 1: Hotel Whitcomb > Union Square > Chinatown > Lombard Street > Fisherman’s Wharf

Union Square

Union Square is really within walking distance from Hotel Whitcomb, you will find yourself in shopping heaven once you’re at Union Square. It’s an absolute must go for shopaholic! And of course for sneakerhead like me, visiting Foot Locker is a must! =P

San Francisco USA North America Golden Gate Bridge Fisherman Wharf


If you follow the tram railroad from Union Square, you will find yourself at Chinatown, it’s about 15 to 20 minutes walk. Chinatown is a long street to stroll by and of course if you’re Asian, this is the best place to hunt for your lunch or dinner.

San Francisco USA North America Golden Gate Bridge Fisherman Wharf

san francisco chinatown
cr: Ricardo Sanchez

Lombard Street

Lombard Street is known as the crookedest street in the world. It look really amazing in this Bird Eye View photo, but to set your expectation right, the Lombard Street that I visited, is full of cars and it’s really crowded with tourists, so don’t expect to get any nice shot of picture unless you have a drone.

cr: Toby Harriman Photography
cr: Toby Harriman Photography

Speaking of how much you hated in when the sight is in front of you but you can’t take a spectacular photo of the view. So please forgive me for not able to provide a quality picture. T.T


Fisherman’s Wharf

We spent about 10 to 15 minutes walking from Lombard Street to Fisherman’s Wharf.

San Francisco USA North America Golden Gate Bridge Fisherman Wharf

The street is busy during the time we visit around 8pm, there are a few souvenir shops and a lot of restaurants along the street, there is also IN N OUT!

Day 2: Golden Gate Bridge > Lombard Street > Fisherman’s Wharf > Haight Ashbury

Golden Gate Bridge

We took the bus from Hotel to Golden Gate Bridge, it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t tricky with the helps from the friendly people in San Francisco! 

You can walk from one end to another end of the bridge, but the day we visit it was too wind to walk across and due to the time constraint, we just stopped at the middle for a few pictorial shots!

Lombard Street

After Golden Gate Bridge, we went to Lombard Street again in the morning, the traffic is still congested but this time, a lot of tourists are walking up and down from the side of the crooked street.


Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf too, looks different in the AM and PM, it’s more lively in the morning or noon, there’s a lot of people walking around too, and some street performance as well.

Something you shouldn’t missed at Fisherman’s Wharf is the Crab and Clam chowder soup!


The weather was so nice when we visited the wharf in the noon, the sea was calm.

San Francisco USA North America Golden Gate Bridge Fisherman Wharf

Haight Ashbury

We get to Haight Ashbury by bus from Union Square which is at Market Street. To get to Haight Ashbury from Union Sqare: go to Market St, take bus #6 going west, get off at Haight and Masonic, walk a block to Ashbury.


San Francisco USA North America Golden Gate Bridge Fisherman Wharf

Haight-Ashbury is a district of San Francisco, California, named for the intersection of Haight and Ashbury streets. It is also called The Haight and The Upper Haight. The neighborhood is known for its history of, and being the origin of hippie counterculture.



Little Fun Fact of San Francisco!

San francisco Tram Bus

If you take the bus or tram in San Francisco, you will get this little ticket from the driver, and the fun fact is, you can reuse this little ticket in between the indicated time! It’s valid for 4 hours, as you can see, the first ticket on the left is 11 to 2 then there’s a line, the next ticket on the right is 3 to 6, which means with this ticket, you can travel between the time indicated on the last column.

It’s quite easy, just show this ticket to the drive and they will let you take the ride!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda Yee says:

    I have been to San Francisco many times. I miss the steep and winding road, the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf. Wish to go again.

  2. Allison Chua says:

    Nice pics. I wish I could visit the US some time… Would love to try In N Out!

  3. Chua Bee Lee says:

    Such nice pics! The bird eye view of Lombard street is WOW! ❤ Nice write up!

  4. Amanda says:

    Nice! Wish I could go there one day. It’s definitely on my travel bucketlist.

  5. Shet Ling says:

    San Francisco is a very nice place, wish that I can visit here too

  6. Shet Ling says:

    San francisco nice place, wish I can visit here too

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