The Morale behind #PETRONAS Deepavali 2016 Webfilm!

A must-watch: #Petronas Deepavali 2016 Webfilm!

Petronas has been delighting all festive season in Malaysia for years with their video releases, especially when it comes to the major celebration such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali, we’re all anticipating for the video that Petronas is going to release for each festive celebration.

This year, nevertheless, it’s another video that we should all watch and learn the morale behind the video. In light of the Deepavali celebration, Malaysians should respect each other’s’ differences and embrace similarities. No matter how much we trying to denied the fact that we actually has discrimination towards others, it’s truly deeply reflected in #Petronas Deepavali 2016 webfilm.

So what is the morale behind #Petronas Deepavali 2016 Webfilm?

Petronas Deepavali 2016

Watch the video and you will understand deep inside your heart, how you have so much misjudgment for this main character Muniandy and his friend? As the stival of light serves as a reminder to us to have compassion for others, let’s take a moment to watch the video here:

You can’t say the video ain’t relates to you because we do have misjudgment sometimes, let the light shines within us and continue respecting each other as both individuals and as Malaysians. Always remember not to judge a book by its cover, try to stand in one’s shoes before you start making your own judgement. Greater harmony can be achieved through greater understanding and compassion.

Petronas Deepavali 2016

Let the light in our hearts guide our judgement, just like our misjudgement for Muniandy and his friend, they don’t deserve it, just because they of their outlook, we look down at them, discriminate them, but do you see the twist of them doing good deed that we ordinary people can’t even do? Which is celebrating the festive season with the elderly.

Petronas Deepavali 2016

Here, I would like to wish all of my Indian friends Happy Diwali, may the glow from the diyas light up your heart with happiness and joy!


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