Malaysian Local Delights All in @ Papparich

At PappaRich, our promise is simple; a truly Malaysian experience every time!

Papparich has been emboldening Malaysian local delights since 2006, when we speak of Malaysian Local Foods, it’s not just food, it’s about the tradition, the values and the flavors. What makes Malaysian local food special is the different cultures and traditions we have here which created a really one of a kind delights that you can’t find elsewhere.

From Breakfast to Lunch to Dinner, you can enjoy all sorts of Malaysians favourite local foods @ Papparich!

Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods

  • Fried Dumplings: Four golden pockets of meaty perfection. Need we say more?
  • Naan with Chicken Roll & Cheese: Juicy chicken roll, vegetable slices and mozzarella cheese toasted in a sandwich marriage with out signature Pappa Naan.

Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods

  • Naan with Tuna & Cheese: Another rendition from the PappaRich Naan Sandwich series with classic tuna and mozzarella cheese.
  • Hainan Toast with Butter + Kaya: Two slices of our well-toasted, fluffy roti. Coated with a generous spread of Kaya and a right touch of rich buttery finish, two is never quite enough.

All 4 dishes made a perfect starter of the day!

Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods

  • Pappa Chicken Rice: Malaysian’s favorite. Homemade Pappa Chicken Rice comes with a bed of jasmine rice, fall-off-the-bone tender farm chicken, and crunchy bean sprouts, with a side of clear soup and perfect dip combination of chili and dark soy sauce.
  • Kampung Fried Rice with Egg: A truly classic Malaysian dish cooked using only the freshest ingredients sourced locally to deliver maximum satisfaction in every bite. Joining in the fun are our succulent chicken wing, sunny side up, fresh cucumber and tomato slices.

Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods

  • Pappa Char Kuey Teow: A traditional Malaysian dish – wok-fried koay teow noodles with fresh prawns, cockles, and eggs fried in perfect harmony, delivering flavors that tickle your taste buds.
  • Wat Tan Hor with Prawns + Chicken Slices: Tender, chicken slices and fresh prawns mixed in silky egg gravy with our chewy koay teow noodles, it’s one that delivers a punch effortlessly.

A little satisfaction for your sweet tooth is available at Papparich too!

Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods  Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods

  • Egg Pudding with Sago: Pappa’s modern twist on dessert, where tradition meets creativity and flavors – luscious and creamy Sago served with an egg pudding.
  • Sago with Gula Melaka: A classic Malaysian dessert – thick, creamy sago drizzled with gula Melaka syrup. It’s one irresistible bite you can’t resist.
  • Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecake: Your search for the ultimate cheesecake ends here! PappaRich carries premium freshly baked gourmet cheese cakes in only selected outlets so be sure to try them before the get sold out daily! It’s delightfully comforting.

Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods    Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods

  • Pappa ABC Special with Ice Cream: Take your regular ABC experience up a notch as we pamper you with our dessert master. A mountain of toppings – cendol jelly, red beans, cincau, peanuts, longan and sweetcorn – with all things sweet, what’s not to love?
  • Pappa Cendol: A serving of shaved ice piled on a bed of silky green cendol jelly, luscious red beans and a sprinkle of coconut milk and gula Melaka, it’s no secret it’s Malaysia’s favorite dessert!

Say no more ‘Kurang Manis‘, introducing the whole new Stevia White Coffee!

Papparich Stevia White Coffee

Malaysia’s favorite guilt-free coffee – a rich aromatic brew sweetened with Stevia, a 100% natural sugar replacement. Now, you get to enjoy all of the flavors with none of the guilt.

So you may start wondering Why GUILT-FREE? What’s STEVIA?

Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods Stevia White Coffee

And don’t forget to check out Papparich Dim Sum Promotion!

Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods Dim Sum Promotion

The promotion is the perfect starter or as a light meal with a fair price of RM 8.90 with set of One (1) Dim Sum dish: Beancurd Sheet Roll or Chicken Glutinous Rice and One(1) beverage* of choice. This promotion is only valid until November 30, 2016.

*Beverages: Coffee (Hot/Iced), Coffee O (Hot/Iced), Cham (Hot/Iced), Teh Tarik (Hot), Teh (Iced)

Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods  Papparich Malaysian Delights Malaysian Foods

Papparich was built on the passion for delivery a Malaysian experience to everyone who walks through their doors, showered with the same love that they receive back at home. You will truly understand this if you’re studying abroad or working abroad. Papparich has over over 80 outlets nationwide and 30 outlets overseas, they have stood by their four pillars, serving everyone like family and sharing their passion with those around Papparich.

  • Quality & Freshness: We pride ourselves on using only the best and freshest ingredients for our customers.
  • Service Experience & Value: We strive to provide value not just for our food but in recreating perfect Malaysian dining experiences.
  • Honesty & Integrity: We always conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and transparency.
  • Growth for Everyone: We aspire to grow our organization and do work that brings meaning and rewards to our customers, our company and our people.

For additional information about Papparich, you may visit out website at


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ivianat says:

    I always eat Papa Rich whenever I go to Malaysia. Love their varieties of food there and the affordable price.

  2. Linda Yee says:

    Have tried the naan with chicken roll and cheese before. Tasted great but my mom said Paparich food is expensive.

  3. Aliza Sara says:

    WOW! looks like a good spread of variety. Time to go to pappa rich for todays tea time 😀

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