BUXI – Affordable Airport Transfer with Private Van in Seoul!

The best app I ever discovered during my recent trip to Seoul is BUXI App – the social sharing private airport transfer.

WHY Buxi?

Buxi airport transfer incheon to seoul gimpo airport transfer

BUXI App – ONLY $18 (20,000krw) for each person airport transfer with MPV Van for ONE way from Hongdae to Incheon Airport. Pick up from your guesthouse/hotel to Incheon Airport and vice versa. Gimpor Airport is available too!

Airport bus is 10,000-15,000krw, Airport Train is 8,000krw.

Personally think dragging a 25kg luggage to bus stop or train station is a nightmare! So $18 is such a good deal for a comfortable ride!

Buxi airport transfer incheon to seoul gimpo airport transfer

How to book your ride?

On the app, you can tap on the FROM and type in your hotel or guesthouse name, next, choose your destination, to Incheon Airport or to Gimpo Airport.

After that, choose the date you want the private transfer to pick you up, and also the time AM or PM, which time slot you want to choose, it’s advisable to go to Incheon Airport 3 or 4 hours before your departure time especially for those who want to claim your tax refund.

Additional info which you want to charter the car to that you can have the whole MPV for your group, next, you will have all the details of your pick up venue to drop off venue.

Buxi airport transfer incheon to seoul gimpo airport transfer

You can always trace your booking ticket in the app and there is a process bar showing when the car is on the way to pick you up.

Upon confirmation, you will received an email with the details as follow:

Vehicle assignment info (vehicle/driver info.) will be sent to you by 10pm a day before, through text/push messages. After the assignment, changing reservation is unavailable. 

Please check your reservation details a day or two before.
※ We guarantee to assign vehicles for all “Booked” tickets. (check ticket status)

* Full Refund: By 8pm, a day before the ride date
* Half Refund: 8pm~12am, a day before the ride date
* No Refund: Cancel on the ride date or No-Show
(Partial refund is unavailable for foreign card & Alipay. 0% refund after 8pm, a day before ride)

Download the app at: Apple Store | Google Play

Note: Remember to download the app before your departure date as it will required a PIN CODE which will send to your registered phone number to verify your account.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Isaac Tan says:

    good sharing, might never be able to use it, but hey, I can still dream :):)

  2. Rawlins Glam says:

    This is so good to know as dragging the whole luggage through a heavily congested train is such a hassle.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. nurmisnan says:

    good for sharing.. i keep this for my next travel
    tq dear

  4. Thanks for the information, I will take note on that because I m going to seoul soon.

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