Your Travel Buddy: GPSMyCity, Travel Guide on Fingertip!

You might not know what is Travel Article Apps, but this is new handy travel guide on your fingertip!

So, what is GPSmyCity?


This handy app presents you over 5500 self-guided walks in 700+ cities around the world, featuring the best of each city, from world famous attractions to hidden gems. There simply is no better way to see a city on foot, at your own pace and at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for a guided tour.

No more tour bus or tour group. publishes iOS and Android apps, featuring self-guided city walks and travel articles for 700+ cities worldwide. Once installed on your GPS-enabled mobile phone or tablet, the apps will turn your mobile device into a personal tour guide.

Each city walk or travel article comes with a travel route plotted on an offline map guiding you to the famous attractions, monuments and interesting sights, as well as hidden gems.

The highlights and main features include:

It Work Offline!

No Roaming. No Data Plan Needed. This really save you a lot of bucks especially for budget travelers that doesn’t want to spend more buying data.

Multiple Walks in Each City

See Famous Sights and Hidden Gems, featuring most articles from travel bloggers that did their research and experience these sights and hidden gems before hand, hence, you get the full guide of how to get to these hidden gems without any hassle!

Detailed Walk Route Map

Turn-by-turn Walking Directions, detailed walking direction again without any data or internet needed!

GPS-Guided City Walks

Lose Yourself Without Getting Lost! Self-guided city walks in every city you visit, with just one Apps!


Good News for Travelers like you! Here come the App Giveaway!

In conjunction to the launch of GPSmyCity app, here’s the give away of my travel articles with these following two article apps “Dining Out in Petaling Jaya: Seafood, Grill, Pizza and More” and “Why Do I Love Turkey – Istanbul?” during the first week of the launch. Throughout that period, users will be able to upgrade the apps for FREE.

The giveaway will last from Monday, Dec 19 until Sunday, Dec 25 only!

Download it now at Google Play Store or AppStore.

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