A Life Changing story of Law Chi Hing with Khazanah-IHH Healthcare Fund


This is a story about Law Chi Hing, who was diagnosed with cataract on his both eyes, at his age with with three children travelling around, he was not able to get a proper consultation or medication help from doctor due to his poor condition. But Law eventually found his own way to support his medical treatment and able to make his own living.

A poor man who couldn’t move on…

Law Chi Hing lives alone but his children will bring him out by alternately on every weekends. But as an elderly of the family and a father of three children, Law decided to run errands on his motorcycle because he doesn’t want to be a burden to his three children. But life wasn’t easy when it comes to age as we couldn’t help but fall trap in ‘age’ cycle, that’s when Law’s life took a downturn as he couldn’t support and lives by his own due to the bad condition of his eyes.

Law was diagnosed with eye disease!

Law’s eyes was diagnosed with cataract, cataract is an eye disease which will affect your vision, it’s a common cause of vision loss in people over the age of 40.

So Law could be BLIND if his eye disease don’t get a medical treatment.

Due to the bad condition, Law couldn’t run his motorcycle errands anymore because it’s extremely dangerous to ride a motorcycle without a clear vision on the road.

What happened when his monthly pension was just enough for his daily expenses?

As Law struggling through the eye disease because of the poor condition, he stumbled on an article on newspaper regarding cataract treatment and surgery. It’s a life saviour for Law because with the medical treatment, he can starts his errands again and make money for his own living.

So Law went to consult a doctor.

As we all know, medication these day can be a sky price especially if you don’t have an insurance in hand to cover the expenses. But Law was lucky enough to have a doctor that advised him about the Khazanah-IHH Healthcare fund.

Here’s a video of Law Chi Hing interview:

What is Khazanah-IHH Healthcare fund?

Khazanah IHH Healthcare Fund was launched in July 2012, the aim of the fund is to help the needy patients in Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey. RM50 million fund is disbursed over the span of five years till 2017 and to date, some 1,000 people in Malaysia were funded for their medical treatment!

70% amounting to RM 35 million has been allocated to help the patients in Malaysia while 30% was disbursed to Singapore and Turkey.

Law’s application for the fund approved!

So Law applied for the fund and his application was approved. This is where his life is started to lighten up with the help of the fund as he can finally get his medical treatment. Law was really amazed by the professionalism of the doctor attended to him. The whole surgery process was blissful because doctor diverted Law’s attention by talking to him.

Finally, Law can be independent again.

After the medical treatment, Law was able to carry out his daily errands again at the age of 71, he is now able to earn and spend for his own living without relying on his children. Moreover, he wasn’t a burden to his family anymore!

Restoring Help; Changing Lives

If you would like to find out more about the fund, please visit http://www.khazanah-ihhfund.com


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