Stay Connected with E-Connect in Japan!


Stay Connected with E-Connect in Japan!

Whenever I travel, other than transportation and accommodation, my priority is to search for ways to stay connected, that is why I can instantly update on my social media wherever I go. Therefore, before flying into Japan, I’ve done a few research online and I guess this is one of the best I can discovered so far. The portable Wifi-To-Go is the same as the one I used when I visited South Korea.

Why Wifi-to-go?

I know buying prepaid sim card is affordable and more convenient, note that sim card only works for ONE phone which means if there are 4 people travelling, each of everyone will have to get their own sim card to stay online, but if you’re on tight budget and you don’t want to spend more on getting sim card, you probably need to find out more about Wifi-To-GO now.

If you’re Malaysian, whether you’ve heard of YES Mobile Hotspot device? The one hotspot device that works as an internet hotspot and can connect up to 5 or 6 devices simultaneously. The Wifi-To-GO is exactly the same thing as the Mobile Hotspot device.


So I discovered this eConnect in Japan which offers both phone sim card and Wifi-to-go. The cost of one sim card is $4,100yen/30 days and Wifi-to-go is about $980yen/day.

Minimum rental is 3 days and with 6 different pricing.

e connect Japan wifi portal device

Let’s say if you’re travelling in Japan for 30 days, then getting a sim card might be a wiser choice. But if you’re travelling for 14 days like me, I get 40% discount on wifi-to-go which means is only $588yen/day. So calculating if you’re travelling in a group of four travelers, $588/4 = $147 x 14 days = $2,058yen per person only. Is the math clear enough? 🙂

How to Pick Up your Wifi Device?

You can check it out here for eConnect sim card or wifi-to-go. Before you depart from your country, remember to purchase the device online as eConnect only have online sale but the delivery and pick-up is really convenient, as you can pick-up your purchased item at these three locations:


And also a very easy way to return the device as well.

How to Return the Wifi Portal?

You will receive an email reminder One day before you return day with all the instructions clearly stated as follow:

japan e connect wifi portal

Easy isn’t it? I returned my package at Post Office in Kansai Airport, exactly where I picked up the device but of course you can drop the device at any post box within Japan. You can always email eConnect if you have any doubt or questions. Also, if you have anything unclear, you can always comment and ask me! 🙂

Traveling to Japan soon? Book your device today at!


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