Sakura Osaka Guesthouse stay near to JR Osaka Station!

Living in the heart of Osaka @ Sakura Osaka Guesthouse

Osaka Sakura Guesthouse JR Osaka Station

Petite yet Warming!

Sakura Osaka Guesthouse is a small petite guesthouse located in the heart of Osaka, which is near to JR Osaka Station, a transfer hub to all the other cities such as Kyoto, Nara, Kobe etc. Even Though it’s a small guesthouse, it has all the necessary facilities to accommodates their guests. The guesthouse has just recently did a renovation, so the rooms and bathrooms are really clean.

Feels like a local Japanese in Sakura Osaka Guesthouse.

There’s a really Japanese like bar area you will see from the moment you enter the guesthouse main door, it’s located just right next to the reception.

Osaka Sakura Guesthouse JR Osaka Station

The general area is really cozy and it’s a good place to have a drink with your friends at night, not to mentioned the guesthouse is selling beer too!

Osaka Sakura Guesthouse JR Osaka Station

They have 4 tables here or you can sit along the bar.

Room Rates?

Osaka Sakura Guesthouse has dormitory and Private Room to offer, there’s a mixed dormitory which can accommodates up to 18 people, two female dormitories that can accommodates up to 4 people or 16 people. If you’re looking for a special Japanese style rooms, they have 2 private Japanese Style Rooms that can accommodate up to 3 people and 4 people.


Clean and Spacious bathrooms.

There are 4 bathrooms available and also a place for girls to do their facial care and make up as well!

Osaka Sakura Guesthouse JR Osaka Station

Each bathroom has a private space to exchange clothes.

Osaka Sakura Guesthouse JR Osaka Station

There’s a space for your to change clothes before you enter the bathroom to take your shower which is something I really love!

Enjoy FREE Services in the guesthouse!

Free Wifi, Free PC usage, you can use their kitchen as well as small locker available right in front of the reception desk.


There’s also paid service available such as toothbrush, laundry and detergent and dryer, for mens, razor is available too! You can rent towel and bicycle from the guesthouse if you needed any.

How to get to Osaka Sakura Guesthouse?

The guesthouse is:

10 mins walk from JR Osaka, Umeda subway

10 mins walk from Minamimorimachi subway

So if you’re walking from Minamimorimachi Subway, come out from Exit #1, turn right, go straight, go pass a traffic light, continue straight until you see a Family Mart at another crossroad, cross the traffic light and turn right, continue about 50m, turn left on the second junction and you will see the guesthouse on your right.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cheers on the share on the accommodation. Quite helpful considering that a lot of people are heading to Japan this year on hols as well. The place looks quite lovely and the convenience factor is certainly there too

  2. This place is very convenient and decent too. I like to stay near to the train station, its easy to move about and save time.

  3. Amelie Yap says:

    Thanks for your sharing on the accommodations! I will definitely check out when I am about to travel in Japan

  4. Aliza Sara says:

    The accomodations are actually not bad. Wouldnt mind staying here when im on a budget to osaka

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