Join the Table of Harmony this Chinese New Year 2017 with Tenaga Nasional

Chinese New Year is a time for families to put aside all differences and reunite, let’s take a minute to watch this webfilm by TNB with your families!

We know Chinese is very particular about the foods serves on table but once a year for only Reunion Dinner, it doesn’t matter what is on the table because what’s more important than the dishes on the reunion table are The People sitting at the table.

Join the Table of Harmony by TNB and Discover What Mystery Dish Are You!

Personalities can clash during reunions; more so in big families, especially when everyone hasn’t meet each other for a very long period and everyone started being curious about each other’s personal life. But it is the differences between each other that give the occasion its unique flavour to gather together.

If you’re with your families or visiting your relatives’ home, take some time and play the Table of Harmony with your cousins or even aunties!

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on Unveil Mystery Dish

Step 3: Pick your answer A, B, C or D

Tenaga Nasional Berhad TNB Table of Harmony Chinese New Year 2017

Step 4: You will see your Mystery Dish and Click on Unveil Your Dish will redirect you to the result!

Tenaga Nasional Berhad TNB Table of Harmony Chinese New Year 2017

Step 5: Share your result with your Friends & Family on Facebook!

Tenaga Nasional Berhad TNB Table of Harmony Chinese New Year 2017

I’m happy with my result as a Snow Frog Cream which is also one of my favourite dessert choices!

Share your result as a cute moving GIF!

Let’s have a Table of Harmony for this Chinese New Year!

Just like all the different Chinese New Year dishes, our loved ones come in all shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. It doesn’t matter how bad you get into a fight with your families, at the end of the day, they will be the one stand by you when you needed them. Because when we work together with family, there is no challenge that can’t be overcome.

Happy moments are made even better when everyone is together.

So find out what mystery dishes are you now at Facebook, Instagram and TNB Website.


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